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How long should I wait until post op chemo??

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I'm feeling stronger after IL on 7-25-12, so we're looking at 11-01-12 for clean up chemo FOLFOX and 5FU. Still have trouble eating some foods, and mucus, energy levels. Jan

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Has the oncologist done a pet scan? I had HTE in early June, the pathology reports the cancer cells were dead in the removed tissues so the oncologist and surgeon both thought we were good. I had some small setbacks so I didn't push getting the followup PET scan. In Late September we found a lump in the neck and through a biopsy that I still had EC. The PET scan was ordered Sept 25 and it has showed 5-7 more lymph nodes are involved. So I am starting chemo again this Monday.

My personal opinion is get it started as soon as you are strong enough so if there is anything still lurking you can get to it.

I finally started feeling human in early August. I still tire easily when walking or other activites. I still can't eat a lot of food at a sitting and in the morning when I first wake up and start moving around I usually have dry heaves or a bit of bile come up but much better than the first couple months after surgery where I would cough and regurgitate several times a day trying to get air out of the gastric tube.

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I had my IL surgery at the beginning of December and I started my February so the timing looks to be about the same as yours. If you still have your feeding tube I would think about keeping it. I had mine removed prior to chemo and I kind of wish I had it for hydration during chemo. Best of luck!!! The sooner you start the sooner you will be done.

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My chemo started around three months from my IL surgery. Once started complications put a halt to it. It does take several months to recover from the IL surgery. Hang on there, better days are coming, Sandra

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