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Surgical clip stuck in urethra after robotic surgery

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Has anyone had a surgical clip get stuck in their urethra after robotic prostrate surgery?

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I am not sure anyone could do anything here to help you about this. Did you ask your doctor about this?

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I did talk to my Doctor. After my robotic surgery I was having problems with weak flow and infection. After the Doctor did a scope he told me I had scar tissue in my urethra. To make a long story short, after the scope I could not go to the bathroom at all, ended up in the emergency room where they put in a catheter. A week later I had surgery to remove the scar tissue. That is when my Doctor informed me that he found a surgical clip that had gotten stuck. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else after they had robotic prostrate surgery.

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Hi Dan, 

Welcome to the forum. You might find these previous threads helpful:


Be well. 

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Thanks you mrspjd
You know I wish the doctors would tell you this sort of thing before hand.

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Believe it or not, I had the same thing happen to me. About a year after my DaVinci RP, I went in to have a collagen(?) injection to bulk up the sphincter, and the doc found the clip had become lodged where the sphincter was re-attached to the bladder neck. He told me "I've never seen that before!" He dislodged the clip (not sure if he removed it, or just moved it), but did not do the injection.

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Thanks for the info. By the way love your name I'm sure there alot of us that can use that name. I haven't been right since the opperation. I am hoping that time will take care of it all. Thanks again.

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  I had davicnci robotic surgery 6 years ago and I recently had a surgical clip removed during surgery to remove a stone in my urethra. The stone had formed on the clip and was not visible. This stone would not have formed unless the clip was there and I have had contenence problems since June,2013.

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Have you had to have more surgeries due to scar tissue?

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Wish I had seen this post years ago.  Maybe we could have organized a class action suit.

I had a radical prostatectomy by DaVinci in June 2009.  After a few months of painful urination and my first ever UTI, I eventually passed a piece of blue plastic out of my penis.  Saved it and took it to my surgeon.  He mumbled and said apparently the robot misfired.  Never even got "I am sorry" out of him.

Scar tissue subsequently developed and I had to undergo two outpatient procedures to remedy that.  Super hassle thanks to technology. 

If I had it to do over then I would not include the robot.  Plus, I would not undergo surgery at an eduation/research hospital.  Normal cases, such as mine, do not rate highly.  I did not understand this until after my surgery.

FYI.  I contacted several law firms to explore options for recovery.  I was told that because my state of domicile has such a protective medical tort law that I would have to die on the table before I stood any chance of recovery.  Oh well, my comfort comes in knowing that I am free of prostate cancer.  However, I am now battling rectal cancer.  PCa is in my rearview mirror.  CRC is in my windshield.



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