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can anyone give my daughter tips on which picc line is the best , she has her choice of one in her arm or below neck . she is not sure which one would be best. thanks

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If the doctor feels placement is a matter of choice and does not change anything medically, I think that her daily activities and circumstances would help her determine best placement.

Having it in the arm means being very careful with putting on sleeved garments and with cold weather approaching (at least where I live), I would be concerned about log sleeved shirts and sweaters and coats.

I had a direct line at my clavical while in hospital (arm and hand too hard to get) and it didn't get in the way at all...of course I wasn't out doing daily living either.

She just needs to consider her personal circumstances and she will select the right location.

Marie who loves kitties

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I've had a PICC for almost two years now. It's in my right arm,
about 4-5" below my shoulder.

I found that to be the best spot for me, since even a short sleeve
shirt covers the area.

If it's located where you can reach it with both hands, it would
make easier to service it without help.

They'll tell you that the dressing has to be changed weekly, and
the PICC should be replaced after 6 to 9 months of use.....

I (we) change the dressing when it begins to appear worn or
beginning to come loose from the skin. And mine is nearly two
years old. Each time you remove the Tagaderm dressing to clean
under and around the line's entry point, you run the risk of
infecting the entry point. Then they'll tell you that infections are
a common problem with PICC lines!

As long as the Tagaderm is intact and the area is sealed, no
infection can take place; it's when you remove the seal and
expose the area, is when you're subjecting it to infection.

The location is optional.... I could have had it in my leg..
The PICC tubing has to be placed inside a vein and threaded
until it is close to the heart. In the arm, it's about 30" from entry
point to the location... From the neck ?

Have it placed where it's most convenient to wear and to service;
she has enough problems to deal with, without having to deal
with a poorly placed PICC..

You guys stay well.


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Uggggh....I am having such a hard time logging on to this board to respond to posts....I can barely get on to read posts...this is soooo frustrating!!! I don't understand I can log on anywhere else no problem. My computer stalls, freezes..whatever. Is your daughter living in Canada, I see your name Atlantic Canada, I cannot recall what stage she is, sorry, trying to go see your past infor. right now with the way this board is stalling is impossible for me. I was thinking, but not sure, she was stage 1V....why are they not offering her a port, why PICC line?? I had a picc line, hated it!!! Cumbersome trying to cover it to take shower, could not swim with it etc., had tubes hanging out of my arm. My oncologist ordered it removed and had a port put in...it is sooo much better. I can go in the lake, take showers daily no hassels!! I don't have to cover it with plastic to shower, no worries about swimming in the lake (I do that daily in the summer). With the picc it hung out of my arm....with my port I can wear whatever and it doesn't show, it's completely under the skin. Just my opinion. Another Canuk!!!

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I asked my onc about a picc line and he said, no you want a port, a picc line is a bad idea. Glad I have my port. I know there is a reason for having a picc, is it because she has to do all the hook ups herself?
Winter Marie

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I'm having the same problem with logging on. It's frustrating. Maybe it's a Canadian thing. LOL. Just curious as to what province you are from. We live in Cornwall, Ontario. I find it interesting to learn about the different challenges/advantages experienced by those in the US Health Care System. Our system certainly has it's pros and cons.


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I had a pic while in the hospital..
but I have a port for chemo purposes.. much easier to deal with .. on my upper chest about 3or 4 inches below shoulder..
port is just so easy to dress with.. a pic I think would be disturbed constantly..
ask about the port...

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My husband started out with a picc line and he hated it. It made life very difficult. It was hard for him to shower. He had to watch it carefully or it would catch on things. After a few weeks, he requested a port-o-cath. A simple procedure. His quality of life improved right away. My advice is to inquire about a port-o-cath. Picc lines are a nuisance. Good luck.


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I have had 2 each PICC lines and ports. I am one of the few that would rather have a PICC.

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