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Liver scan results...good news

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The scans of my liver revealed nothing! All looks good right now. I do have a couple of cysts on my kidneys...but they think that they are benign. There has been no change in them since my last SCan back in May. My blood counts are looking good... The Neulasta is working for me with no noticeable side effects. I just did treatment #6 of Folfox this week. We dialed down the oxaliplatin by 25% this week...the neuropathy was really getting to me. My tongue is even numb. After 6 treatmens...I think I'm doing good...if the side effects hold steady ... I think I can handle all 12 treatments.

I hope everyone else is having a good week while on chemo and that the side effects are not knocking you down.


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Wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing it.

Marie who loves kitties

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Great news! So happy! I just did treatment #7 and the tongue thing is really bothering me. I had treatment on Monday and I still can't drink anything cold at all. Back of throat hurts. I have not cut down oxy at all and my husband doesn't want me to at all. I can't wash my hand with any cold water or touch anything in fridge. My toes hurt walking on cold tile. My husband wants full strength on all 12 doses, I wonder if cutting back would make any difference. He thinks if it comes back I would always wonder if I would have just done it all. I usually can drink cold things by Saturday, this time not. So glad you're doing great.
Sandy :)

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It would take up to 10 days before I could drink anything cold. And everything else you said, going through it right along side you, just started back on Oxy Friday. I had forgotten about the cold tile yesterday, ow, ow, ran back right off of them and went and put my socks on. We can do this.
Winter Marie

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I had to get a pair of mechanics gloves from an auto parts store and keep those next to the fridge while on oxy. Any time I had to get something from the fridge or the freezer, those were the first thing I'd grab.

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Thats great news. I wouldnt worry about the cyst. I have had one on my kidney for 7 years.

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so happy for you! it is so uplifting to hear such great news. thanks for sharing & continue to kick butt!

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Good job!!! Glad the liver scans revealed nothing!! You go!!!
Winter Marie

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Alex, so glad that your liver is good! You're halfway to the finish line, I know that you can make full speed.

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GREAT news!
Continued success...

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Great news - congrats! My husband just finished the 3rd ..so far so good...

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You will get to #12. I remember when you first started. I get my port out on Friday - Yeah!!

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Great news, big hugs.

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