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Hi everyone,

I just responded to Golda who is dealing with fatigue like I am and thought I'd start this thread.

I've had treatment in past but not this fatigue problem. I'm on doxil chemo now. A week after first treatment I returned to my walking regime (2 miles) last week but ended up on the couch the rest of the day. This continued and then I had the sense to limit walking to 1.5 miles but same problem. I've now cut back to less than a mile and seem to be able to tolerate that better.

I also started taking Ensure to supplement nutrition.

Wonder if you have more ideas. Thank you for input.

Mary Ann

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Good to hear from you and so sorry about the fatigue....darn! My friend who is an RN in oncology in San Fran always suggested we have to keep our bodies strong during chemo and told me twice per day total of 30 grams of whey protein. If having nausea symptoms, divide into even smaller amounts per whey drink.

Chemo breaks us down, and protein helps build us back up....plain and simple. As well if we're just drained, stop and rest...listen to our bodies. Eventually we'll come back, but don't push

Also, are you getting enough fluids?

Hopefully you're back up and moving soon!!


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Hi Mary Ann,
At MD Anderson they sometimes treat cancer related fatigue with Provigil which is actually a narcolepsy drug. I think they have seen some success with it. It might be an option if you are willing to go with a prescribed medication. I hope you are able to find some help. It's hard to cope with everything you need to when you are so tired.


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I was very tired during the chemo. Seemed like I would just drift off to sleep everytime I sat down for any length of time. I worked the whole time I had chemo and in the afternoon I would go home early and take a nap. It took months to get energy back, and it came back slowly. I had it in the back of my mind that it was lazy to take a nap. It really was hard to allow myself to accommodate the fact that I was going through treatment and I was allowed to be tired and take a nap. You sound so active and I am sure that you will regain your stamina, Mary Ann. Your spirit is an inspiration. I am betting you will be up and running in no time.

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I also had this during my chemo. I am 1 week into radiation and its worse now. Funny thing is I am still having trouble sleeping at night. I am trying to eat more beneficial foods hoping this will help....

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Your body is telling you it needs rest. Being as active as you have been it has to be very hard on you. I hope you listen to your body and not feel guilty for resting. Think of the doxil working hard to get rid of Chester. Think positive thoughts while you are resting. Take it one day at a time. In peace and caring. You remain in my prayers.

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I just ordered some whey protein - the kind Jan is taking. Hoping that gives me some energy. Also will meet with yoga teacher to get into meditation again. It's like I have a mental block - maybe my brain is fatigued too.

I will keep the faith. Hugs to all.

Mary Ann

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I am not sure I know how to tell if I get a response to my discussion entries.

Could you let me know how I find out if someone has responded to me? I am Goldamille? Who is Golda? If that was me - I have no idea where to see your response. If it is someone else, sorry to barge in.


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Yes, yes, yes - that's what I mean re: fatigue. Thank you so much for the support. I was taking whey and stopped. Maybe I should start again? I dislike drinking my food. Sometimes I crave meat. RED MEAT! Roar! I hope that doesn't offend anyone. I was never able to be vegetarian - just the way I am made, I guess. Always craved meat/fish/poultry and beans/legumes.

Anyone have chemo brain? Sometimes my brain woggles and doesn't seem to focus, remember stuff or whatever. My poor husband will say something and I forget what he said almost immediately or whatever. He is really understanding but this is somewhat embarrassing so to speak as I used to be pretty quick mentally.

I was reminded for the upteenth time at ONC appt that radiation/chemo is cumulative and does take a person down re: fatigue - various estimates of 6 months to 10 years for complete recovery after one or more treatments and sometimes one doesn't recover or doesn't have time to recover. What a weird answer but as each of us is different it could be that strange. All of this is strange. :o)

I guess my chemo brain is focusing on and having trouble accepting the drastic reduction in my energy level. I sorely miss that energy. Oh, well. As I have had 2 of both chemo and rad on 28 months or so and facing a 3rd, I am guessing I am probably not going to have much recovery time in between treatments. I have other seemingly permanent, so far, side effects that are mostly annoying but not as debilitating as the fatigue. Cancer is with me allllll the time.

I figured out how to add "favorites" and did so for UPSC. Is there a way to see my personal forum posts somehow? My profile says I have a certain number and I really can't remember what I said.

Glad you are all out there -

Golda Millie -

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The Golda I referred to is YOU.

I share chemo brain too.

Re: seeing responses. You really have to look at all the links you posted on. I answered one of the threads you started. I usually browse all threads and answer along the way. There is no special place to check responses.

Do check your UPSC thread and see what I wrote though -

hugs, Mary Ann

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