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Delayed Diagnosis? Was your doctor the cause of your advanced stage?

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Curiously I am wondering how many woman waited for their diagnosis, due to doctor failing to order additional diagnostic tests needed, to rule out breast cancer or any cancer. How many mammograms did you have before your diagnoses? Stage 0 and stage 3 is the difference between fighting off cancer and fighting for your life. DO you have a horror story or complaint? Contact me please

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Yes. I knew something was wrong, but was lulled into complacency by medical professionals.

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I'm IBC, Stage III..

There was no delay at all for me getting DX'd or in TX. I found the lump under my arm. ( With IBC, it can literally not be there one day and there the next and is almost always at least Stage III when DX'd.) I called my PA and saw her in a week. I saw her at 11 on Thursday, I was at the local Radiology at 1 that afternoon for a new mammo. Was told to wait and about 15 mins later called back in for a sonogram which was immediately followed by biopsies. At 8 the next morning (Friday), I got a call tthat it was what was expected - IBC. Monday I saw the surgeon, Tuesday I saw Rads Dr and the Chemo Dr on Wednesday. Scans came quickly: CAT, Bone, MRI, PET and EKG. An area lit up along my right lower jaw on the PET so 2 days after PET the area was biopsied (negative). Port was put in 16 days after DX and started 4 DD A/Cs the next day. 2 weeks after last A/C I had a mod. rad. mast. 3 weeks after surgery I started 12 weekly Taxol which was followed 1 week after last Taxol with 25 Rads. Started Femara a week after starting Rads. So basically - everything went as fast as possible for me.

I also have to say that it was VA that really jumped on it to get 'everything' started so quickly as they 'out sourced' my care to our local 'civilian' Cancer Center. So definately no 'horror sttories' for me.

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Iwas diagnosed later because 1. My surgeon led me to believe I had lobular dysplasia when I had in situ. I also did not know lobular is not usually found on mammo, so should have had an MRI. If I had known of my correct biopsy I would have pushed for the MRI. I did not find out until I went to a different surgeon as my previous one had retired. needless to say I was quite angry.(I wouldhave pushed for the MRI asi was already thinking about it.)
If I could do it over again i would insist on a mammo every year and an MRI every year alternating every six months

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my cancer was probably there for 3 years. 1 1/2 years before dx I was called back for another mammo. That particular imaging company didn't do an ultrasound and said the 2nd mammo was ok. My MO thinks they may have missed it based on the comparison of the mammo that did dx me. I was stage 2 with a small tumor on 1 lymph node. Maybe I would have been stage 1 with no lymph node involvement?


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I had been ill off and on for years probably the last 10. I had many visits with doctors though they could find nothing wrong. I was tired mostly but seemed to get ill easily.
Finally at 36 I was deciding to move to a different province and on a holiday with new partner I found a lump the size of less than a pea. My grandmother on father's side had breast cancer so I had been checking since a very young age. Believe it or not I also wished for me to be ill sparing my family members from such pain, be careful what you wish for...
I went and got checked out being sent to Women's Health Center newly opened where I lived. This old doctor didn't do any tests because, I was too well built showed no signs of any disease and I was just too young to have cancer. A fibrous cyst. I moved to British Columbia 2 months later and that probably saved my life. In Alberta at the time they didn't think smoking had anything to do with it because I asked why they didn't even ask me about smoking. No corilation and this was 1996 if you can imagine. They also didn't care about paternal grandmother's dx and asked why they said no corrilation.
Another lump grew in armpit that was horribly painful and I was getting sicker by the second. Stage 3 diagnosis at 37. By the way the doctor wrote my GP and no less than three times stated I was a well built athletic woman who showes no signs of johndess or other illnesses. A 15 years survivor after bi lateral, chemo and radiation. IDC with 11/12 nodes pos. triple negative as well. Did not show on any mammogram or blood test could see lumps on altra sound and I was considered very young at that time.
I too ended up removing one breast at a time because both surgeon and nurse mother of mine said it would be to traumatic for body and I should worry about the cancer side first. I never listened to my mother but this time I did and after a raging staph infection that went to blood I wonder how I ever could have survived that if I had had breast removed over the heart at the time. I tried to sue but the permitted time had lapsed so I could not. Made me angry and I still have to fight that hard today to be heard. Tara

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