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Pain in leg crease in front where leg joins the torso

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I completed treatment for anal cancer in May of 2011. I have chronic radiation colitis but am learning to live with this problem. It does not seem to matter what I eat.
My pubic area is still very tender - probably due to radiation burn. Recently, pain has begun in my right leg crease - in the front where the leg joins the torso. Has anyone had pain in this area. Could it also be an after affect of the radiation?

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Yes I have this. Completed tx 12/8/10 and it has steadily gotten worse. It's worse when I lean against something. Is your doctor aware of it?

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I have just begun to recognize this pain as a continuing problem (didn't know at first if it would go away) so I have not mentioned it yet to my doctor. I have had so many scans, xrays, pet scans etc. in the past two years, that I was hoping it would just go away so I would not need another scan.

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I finsihed treatment 3 years ago. For about 8 months or so after treatment I had the same pain that you describe. It also traveled down my thighs. Had it in both legs. I told my doctors about it because at the time I thought the worse. I was told it was from the radiation. They told me that I should do yoga. Well, I'm a klutz and yoga and I don't mix. The good news is that the pain it did go away.

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Yes, I have the same pain ... it is like a pulled muscle pain or tendinitis. I've had it every since I ended treatment. It actually disrupts my sleep.

I also struggled with perineal and vaginal tenderness for months after and still can not have comfortable sex. This is a long process for some of us ...

Agree that yoga and stretching and perhaps pilates could help.

Hang in there! xo

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Yes, I have the pain too. Some days worse than others.

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