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Off the subject but relevant

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Hey everyone !
It's a beautiful day today. I have time yet to collect some pretty leaves and get them pressed in wax paper. I wanted to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful weekend ! I believe we need to take time away from our worries and dx's once in awhile to just be us. So whatever it is that takes you to a place of peace please do this for yourselves. I will be thinking of you all...and wishing you and your families all the best ! Katie

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thanks! yes, it is a beautiful autumn day!

taking a big step toward normal tonight myself, going to the season's first home college hockey game. I won't be yelling (or talking much), and my water bottle won't leave my hands. but it's something fun for me, and I deserve it. lol.
Go BGSU Falcons!

happy weekend!

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Hi Katie,

It is beautiful outside, it started to rain today, the leaves are turning and there is a little bite in the air.

I am picking up a roto-tiller today, filling in a low spot in the front yard and building a roof over my yard tools. I thrive on home projects.

Best to you,


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much to my chagrin... :) Winter stays here for 7 months every year, far too long for me. But today it was 60 and sunny, so am spending time playing with my puppy, between clearing out cupboards....I wish I'd had the energy to do this when I was getting treatments, because now I'm only 4 days from starting work.

You have a wonderful day, Katie....I guess everybody have a great day!! :)


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I hope all of you kind , strong, inspirational, giving , courageous, ( I could go on and on) people have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend.

I don' know any of you personally but in a way I feel like I know all of you in some small way. I feel for all the survivors especially those who are battling the second time around.

I am grateful to all of you and wish and pray for the best to all of the survivors on this network.

Joan ( and John)

I read the posts to him and he is touched as well and thankful to you all.

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watching a Diner, Dives and Drive Ins marathon. Im blessed now to be able to eat while watching it, tonight I had BBQ Burnt Ends and pork and beans. Will be seeing our Granddaughter Lily 1 1/2 years old, shes a doll and will spend Saturday nite with Grandma and Grandpa (thats me). So good Post Katie, nice to post without mentioning you know what. Hope everyone has a great weekend. John wished I knew how to post pictures would have loved to of posted the BBQ for your review, KC BBQ nothing better.

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Thanks for the nice post. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thanks for the uplift, I think just sleep and more sleep right now...for me

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I will spend the weekend where my journey began at Barnes Hospital. It is with a happy heart as my 87 year old Mother had successful laposcopic surgery to remove stomach cancer caught early. The original hospital said no to surgery. The thought of seeing it progress was heartbreaking so we decided to pursue Siteman/Barnes or Mayo. Her surgeon was fantastic and they are doing everything in their power to prevent any pneumonia from settling in. Her room is on the 16th floor overlooking Forest Park and the crisp changing trees. Much to be thankful for this weekend.

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So glad your mother is doing well. We spent a week at Barnes also. Keep us posted on your mother's recovery. Take care of yourself also.

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@hwt...Thank you for posting such a life-affirming comment about your 87 year old Mother and the decision to choose survival. I continue to be in awe of your Mother's generation and their toughness in the face of adversity. My own mom (when she was in her 80's) had major (non-laparoscopic) surgery to remove her gallbladder and a couple of years later survived an open-heart-quadruple-bypass after a heart-attack. Her doctors tried to convince her(and us) that the kind thing to do would be to just provide palliative care and let her go. They were amazed when she demanded that she be allowed to undergo the surgery after which she fought hard to regain her health. She lived another five years after fully recovering from the open-heart surgery and was in her 90th year when she finally left us with memories of her remarkable will to live and grateful for being able to share more happy times with her. I send heartfelt wishes that you and your Mother live strong and have many more years of beautiful memory making together.

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Hey Katie, I totally agree, I'm heading to a movie, and play this weekend, but the wilderness is my favorite place to go. Here's wishing you and all a wonderful weekend too.


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