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please help me as I'm going to do

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this is the pathology report:

Examination of the referred slides
received and sections were prepared from
blocks received revealed pieces of breast
focally infilrated by tumor tissue formed
of small cells with hyperchromatic nuclei
and indistinct cell borders arranged in
small groups and indian filling, with
surrounded with desmoplasia. There are
foci showing insitu component. Rrest of
breast showing adenisis. There is focal
lesion showing proliferated closely packed
ductules lined by epithelial and
myoepithelial cells within moderately
fibrotic stroma.

Right breast mass, Referred slides and

what can i do in this case, i just remove the tumor only now
after this Surgery
shoud i do another lumpectomy or mastectomy for breast
and lymph node should i remove it ?

waiting for replay.....

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wow full report..! I have never seen or heard report from any of my doctors...I am no help..just wanted to say thinking of you and I am sure you will get much good advice here..


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yes... i wait for replay

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Wow is right, I have no answers to this one. Hugs

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yes i wait any replay from anybody here :(

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Megan M
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What does your oncologist and breast surgeon suggest? They are the experts and will advise you as to what they feel is the best treatment and surgery for you. Have they gone over your pathology report with you and told you what is in your best interest?

Our doctors are the ones to tell us what they feel will be the right road to take in removing the cancer and as to whether we need radiation and or chemo. But, we make the final choice.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do,


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I had basically the same thing except mine was IDC (ductal) instead of lobular. I had initial surgery as a "Partial Mastectomy" (they took more than in a lumpectomy) and took the sentinel lymph node. Thought that was the end of it, but then they found microscopic in the node. They were going to go in and take more nodes and at that point I said "to hell with it" and had a bi-lateral (right breast was prophylactic (preventive, as the right breast was not affected). The remaining nodes taken were negative, thank goodness. I also had an Oncotype DX gene assay (ask your doctor about this...not all docs recommend it...it determines the potential for recurrence down the road). My Oncotype number was 38, which is off the charts high...so my chances were very high of recurrence. After the bi-lateral I had chemo (TAC...Taxotere, Adriamycin, Cytoxan) for 6 rounds, followed by radiation. Not fun, but I knew I was a walking time bomb and figured I better hit it while it's "fresh" with all the guns they have. This is followed by Arimedex daily for 5 years because I was positive for estrogen. It's a rough row to hoe, but I know I did the right thing. "Scrimping" on cancer can cost you your life down the road. Listen to you doctor. Good luck!

Lynn Smith
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That is a detailed report.When I was dx I was told I had DCIS non invasive Stage 0.Tumor was 1/2 centimeter.No chemo or radiation but take tamox for 5 years.Alos a lumpectomy.I see where others are HER and other grades and stages but I don't know what that is and wasn't told.I am sure I was estrogen postive.Seems I remember that.I was sorta in shcock that day of my dx.Next time I see my surgeon or oncologist will go over that again.I've had many scares since my dx but it all turns out good.Either nothing or a benign tumor.

Lynn Smith

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Bella Luna
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Let us know how you are doing. Keep knocking, sort of speak, until you get some answers.

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Follow your doctor's orders. Make sure you go to see them for check-ups and ask them if you need another surgery. The American Cancer Society also has many people to help you, you can call them 800-227-2345. Every woman is different, so it is hard to say what is best for you. Please keep asking questions so we can try to help.
I had DCIS and thought it would just take a lumpectomy. For me, the plan changed as they got to know more about my cancer. After 2 lumpectomies, my doctor and I agreed to get the mastectomy because the tests showed I needed it. Dr took a lymph nodes while she was in the surgery, but our plan changed by the week.
For my friend, they used chemo to help kill her cancer. See what the doctor tells you and follow your heart to see if you agree. You are powerful, take care of yourself.

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the Dr's Decided the modified radical mastectomy

any comments ?

New Flower
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Lobular is different from ductal. Most doctors recomend mastectomy for it.
Good luck and let us know

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and the axillary lymph dissection.... is this the right choise to do

i'm afraid sooooooooo much of remove the lymph nodes becouse the lympdema and pain

New Flower
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I am sorry it is a standard procedure which very important for your future
Hopefully you will be fine

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I would think they will want to check at least 1 or 2 lymph nodes because the information from those are very important in determining if additional treatment is necessary. And be sure to move your arm gently with as much range of motion that you can. That will help prevent pain. And definitely ask for lymphedema education and therapy from a certified lymphedema therapist. Ask your oncologist for this, not your surgeon.

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the surgery decied to make (axillary lymph node dissection)
that mean he will remove all the nodes !!!!!!!!!!!

what can i do

can i say to him to didn't do that thing ?

what is your opinion ???????????

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I don't want to bore you with details. So briefly, Infiltrating Lobular Estrogen Pos was my type. Hard to pick up usually mamos don't find it until a mass is felt. This cancer often travels to other breast which mine had so had bilateral. Sorry to pass this on to you, please have in depth consultation with your specialists and surgeon. I am totally happy with this decision. Good luck

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I for one made a decision to fight this thing and was treated in anyway they suggested without any second opinions. It seems that they have caught it early and that is as good as it gets.
Everyone is different and that includes how you heal from surgery. Not everyone suffers not everyone has lymphodema. I think the earlier we exercise out of surgery and get back to activities in my case hard work has left me with little swelling and seems to help with allot of pain issues, along with the return of full movement.
I know how frightening this disease is but it is time for us all to live our lives differently than what we were and sometimes that means facing our fears and doing it anyways which is the name of a book.
I wish you luck and ask questions till you are comfortable to be making such decisions.

You have many Sister here watching over you,

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how many nodes will be removed ?

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I had extensive DCIS and had a bilateral mastectomy. The surgeon removed the sentinel nodes and one axillary node from one side,sent them to the lab for a quick scan while I was still out. She did the same thing with the other side. If something had come up( it would have been very unlikely in my case), then she would have taken more.

I know that ILC is very tricky and nasty and likes to hide. Could you talk to your breast surgeon about testing the first nodes,axillary or sentinel, before taking them ALL out?

I am not too familiar with ILC but it could be worth a try. I just don't know why he would take them all out without testing the first few while you are on the table. Every one's situations are different.

On breastcancer.org there is a forum for people with ILC. Maybe you should check that out and ask there, ,too. The more people that you reach, the better,eh?

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During my lumpectomy, 4 nodes were removed. They didn't show any cancer in tests done while I was still out. It wasn't until they got the full pathology report the next day that they found cells in the margin and a small tumor on 1 lymph node. Since I had to go back for a mastectomy, my MO wanted to have more lymph nodes taken out and tested. My breast surgeon and RO said no. They didn't like to take out more than what was necessary (because of lymphedema and other problems). They both thought radiation would take care of me. I trusted them more as my MO wanted me to have chemo when it wouldn't have done me much good (low oncotype score-another subject). They ended up taking one more node during the mastectomy and it was negative.

I'm very careful with my right arm. I put polysporin on even the smallest paper cut and cortisone on bites so I don't scratch. No needles or blood pressure on right arm. It's been a year and I haven't had problems with lymphedema yet. But if I'm not careful it can happen at any time-even 20 years later.

I think it would depend on many factors of your dx as to how many nodes your docs feel they need to remove. Each dr and dx are different.

Good luck with your surgery. I know it's a frightening time.


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