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Appointments at USC and Sloan

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Hi Friends,

Thank you for your outstanding advice and encouragement!!!! Dick and I are set to go to USC and meet with the doc he has been consulting with there, Dr. Lenz and then fly to NYC and meet with another Medical Oncologist there. It is not Dr. K but we feel very good about both appointments. We feel that now is the time (again) to have some docs say, "OK almost at 4 years how can we get you some more years."

We do not know how we are going to work out the details, but we will. We can use all positive thoughts and prayers for our daughter with special needs and her caregiver situation while we are gone. I don't know how it is going to work but I have faith that it will.

We will keep you posted. Raise a cup to hope!


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and raised for that hope!! Sometimes the details work themselves out.
All positive thoughts and the best of vibes being sent your way, even a prayer or two.
Here' to more years, and then some! Salud!!
Winter Marie

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I am so very glad that you and Dick have things here on the mainland lined up. When are the appointments?

I know that you both will have your special needs daughter on your mind while you are gone and hope that the caregiver situation will be one that you are both very comfortable with.

Prayers that all will work out and that the docs here can give Dick many many more years.

Hugs to you and all your family,

Marie who loves kitties

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I think you are wise to act quickly. Take action while Dick is feeling strong and well. You're fortunate to have access to the top doctors and medical facilities in the country. I feel confident that you guys will meet the right team who will come up with the right treatment plan to get Dick on the road to wellness.

Wishing you the best of luck.

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Marie is right. The details will work thmselves out. You sre in my prayers thata you will find some good answers.

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Kathleen that is so great. I will raise a cup for sure....

Yes my darlings just get on the path and things will work out.

sending best love and wishes


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Hi Kathleen. Thinking of you. Will be following I live in Australia and am keen to know dr in NY as I may be heading there November. Take care, Sue

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im raising my cup now so full of hope for the both of you.Dick and i were dx at the same time but he has had it a whole lot worse than me.he is a tough man and i know you are very proud of him.you both are in my thoughts often...Godbless...johnnybegood

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for you, Dick and your daughter. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way for hopeful plans from your doctors.

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That is what I love about you guys ,you have taken on every adversity as a team. With each others support I am sure that you will find the answers and even when times are bleak you always have a shoulder to lean on. my best wishes to you both,Ron.

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The best of luck to you both. I have a really big cup raised for you.

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A double dose of hope for good outcomes mixed with hugs of comfort and healing. This is a double dose of goodness all raised for you and your family.

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Raising my teacup up for hope. The details will take care of themselves...try not to stress about them.

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Best of everything on this leg of the journey. Prayers that things will be just fine for your daughter and her caregiver and that you don't worry about them the whole time!

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I hope you and Dick get a good plan in place and start kicking cancer butt. Sounds like you are going to all the right places. Your daughter will be fine and you will be back before you know it. Things usually end up coming together and help steps in. I will be thinking about you both and have a safe trip.
Sandy :)

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for a good visit on the mainland and getting a new plan together.

Praying for you and your family.

Angela and Robert

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I'm sure they will...
Best of luck with your visits. Please keep us all posted.

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my best to you both on this journey.

keep us updated.

prayers are with you.

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