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So So PET scan results - update

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I saw my radiation oncologist yesterday, the one who relayed the 'good' news about a good scan but with a spot that lit up. Long story short is that they are not sure what it may be. It could be simply calcified scar tissue, latent disease that is so damaged that it can't divide, or a slumbering beast waiting to wake up, cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

His original recommendation was to wait and watch it, but after the meeting with the tumor board he is recommending a selective neck dissection to take out the left cervical nodes. The scary thing is the meeting with the surgeon today, who agreed and has set up surgery for this coming Tuesday.

Strange how it moved so quickly from a 'wait and watch' to now a priority surgery.

I'm more than a little worried, I"m told the surgery will be out patient and home the same day, a week off work, and then hopefully NED!

What happens if it comes up positive?

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you will be home the same day, off workma week, and NED. Thats why the surgery is done. Seriously. Dont waste emotion on this.

Its a good plan.


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If he told me to not waste emotion on it, that's what I'd do to the best of my ability. Nothing is cancer till somebody in the know says so....I know it's hard to not have some anxiety...just "surgery" would bring some of that on...but I'd want anything suspicious outta there now...so sooner is better than later....besides I'm just no good at "wait and see"...

I'm betting on scar tissue...


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In and out neck surgery worked for me, except it was my ENT who decided not my rad onc.



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Hey there !
I re-read your post several times. You have a tumor board working together for you. And they agree this is a concern....and you trust their opinions. I would tell you to TRY to relax and get 'er done. And if it comes back positive ? We fight right ? Elective or selective can someone explain the difference to me ? I pray everything flies by and you receive ned on these issues. Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Katie

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are used in different contexts. Elective is opposed to emergency. Selective is opposed to complete or total.

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