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My new favorite beverage?

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Prune Juice! Hooray for Prune Juice! Yeah, I took that nasty cistplatin/taxol Monday. I rarely have trouble with constipation. (with IBS, it's diarrhea for me usually, ugh) Anyway, my sister got me some prune juice this afternoon. I feel SO much better. Oh, the simple pleasures of life. LOL! Sometimes you just gotta laugh about it.... I knew my "teal sisters" would understand! :)

Hope all of you have a great weekend.


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2timothy1 7
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I understand. I was always so happy to have a BM. Usually took bout3-4 days before I would. Cisplatin/taxol is a rough combo! Been there. Hang in there. How many more rounds do u have ?

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Posts: 528
Joined: Jun 2011

3 down. 3 to go. Had carbo/taxol last year, no b.m. problems. However, he has reduced my last dosages by 20% since I ended up with pneumonia after round 1. I'm also on every 28 rather than 21 days. I have scans the end of the month. He hopes to keep me on the lower dosage.

It is a nasty combination. I did not get sick any this time at least. Mostly fatigue, which is extreme at times. I tried to be very careful what I ate and avoided this time. Seemed to help.

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I am praying that you have minimal side effects with your last three treatments. Glad the prune juice is helping!


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always constipates me! I'm glad the prune juice is helping.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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Glad to be done
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Cisplatian/taxol made me soooooo constipated... By round 3 I figured out to jst take a tbsp of milk of magnesia once a day for days 2-5.. Worked like a charm

Good luck with the last 3 rounds

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