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Dave is C free

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Haven't been on in a while. Glad to see some old friends still here. My husband is cancer free for over a year now. He finally started eating orally again. It took him having Hyperbaric treatments to clear the over growth on his tongue before he could get his feeding tube removed. The growth was making any thing he tried to eat stick on the tongue and in his throat. It was a blessing his ENT came up with the suggestion of the oxygen treatments. It was a miracle after ever kind of swish and spit or swallow, antibiotics and every med you could imagine (nothing worked) except for the oxygen treatments. If anyone has this problem it is a amazing treatment. It is a tank that is under pressure that forces oxygen into the tissue even into blood cells and heals. Ususally used for diabetics that wont heal But works for post cancer treatments also. :)) Hope everyone is doing better and any questions feel free to ask. Love to all

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best words in the world for one of us (and our caretakers) to hear.


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This is news that brightens any day.

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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Awesome news..same with the HBO treatment, a lot here that have caonsidered it one time or another.


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Hi Terry,

It is always pleasant to hear of good results, both with scans and swallowing.



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I am always happy with whoever got breaking their milestones!


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Dave and Terry,
So great to hear those words....no cancer present ! Will be praying for continued success and enjoy life ! HBO treatments from what I've been hearing from many survivors has been an uplifting God send for healing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news ! Katie

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hi you have messages I wrot a while back. I just thought I'd let you know

Great Cancer free cogrates to you. this is to Dave and Terry


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beautiful words Terry. Now lets stay that way.

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That is some supper great news, and glad to hear that the HBO treatment worked so well. My ENT ordered HBO treatment for me because the Lazar nerve treatments are going so well, my first HBO will be on Monday and I am praying that it will help me to swallow again.

God Bless

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Happy to hear the inspiring news. I've had a clear Ct and last week a clear PET. Scheduled to start HBOT in November before having dental implants to replace the lower teeth they removed during my surgery. Thanks for taking the tie to share your husband's good news and inspire everyone.


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Hey Terry, I'm happy to hear the great news! Here's hoping that this is the firs of many years to come of being C FREE!!


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