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Alternative treatments

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I am interested to hear about alternative treatments/diet etc that any of you are trying and feel have helped or not. I was diagnosed with PPC in December 2011, have had 7 rounds of Carbo/Taxol, pleurodesis surgery on right lung and debulking surgery. After 2 months remission CA125 has gone from 21 to 459 and now on Doxil (Caelyx here in Australia) awaiting result of first treatment. I am on a low acid diet and taking bicarb soda and have improved my PH levels considerably. I am wondering about oxygen treatment - any comments please.
I would be most interested to hear what directions have been taken with success or otherwise.
Thank you as always. Discussions always most interesting.

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Beware Julie I went thru this about 11 years ago with my brother who passed.
If you go to alternate centers make sure they are legitimate.
I also am sick of the chemo. last Wednesday my oncologist told me I had months to live without chemo. needless to say I would also be on it the rest of my life. Sucks! He did not tell me how long I had to live either I was afraid to ask.
However I have found a lot of info on food and supplements which has helped, I had no side effects from 6 months of chemo. If you go to my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/dianna.nehring?ref=tn_tnmn And friend me I can try to give you insight as to what has worked and I can let you know what I found.
By the way I found out Jan. 11 2012

Best Friend
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It's like you are at the same spot my mom is! We are waiting to see if this doxil will help. The doc seems to think it will but i am skeptical. There are alot of different alternative medicines. It's almost scary. But hey, they wouldn't have found chemo without finding the natural ingredients in chemo.

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just saying hi,

I have peritoneal met/mets who really knows. I spend most of my time on the colorectal board, but noticed this board and i thought i say hello.

i have been over in german clinics for 12 weeks, having a break for 6 weeks over xmas, so i am back in sydney and then back to germany until remission or heaven.

so far so good i am happy to say my marker CEA is way down, i have done some ozone, vaccine and antiobody therapy and peritoneal chemo embolisation.

my blog has lots of alternative stuff, most of it more medical based but still not in clinical use in the USA or Australia.

happy new year to all my new cancer friends. some far i have avoided systemic chemo for the last 14 months of my first first recurrence, but thats a long complicated story.

feel free to pm me if you are interested in alternatives, i may have done them all, almost and i am still here but alas not sure if i am cancer free just yet. but hoping.



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Hi Pete, sorry to bother you. I sent a detailed Pm on Sunday wanting some info but don't know if you got the pm. It's my first time using private messaging here. Wanted info on alternative med for my mom. PPC and non hodginks lymphoma. Two cancers. No longer chemo candidate. I'm desperate. Was thinking of taking her to Germany but she prob won't agree to go. Did you get my previous pm?

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