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mother recently diagnosed..4

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mom is very much into the computers and such, but not phones... *sigh*
i'm super super curious about how it all went yesterday, and no answer still... i don't think she even has the internet where she is staying.. which is kinda lame since really who doesn't have the internet now a days..

my work is kinda suffering because i can't concentrate properly.. i went to leave a note in our bakery, and i honestly can't even remember what the heck i did with it, cause text this morning from one of the assistants asking me where it was.. and as much as work is suffering a little bit, i spend even more time there now trying to take my mind off mom a bit, but obviously doesn't work very well

so mixed answers with the genetics.. so i guess it depends on the type of colorectal cancer, or just your specific genes??
thank you for the posts

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but what I was told was that in general the kids of crc people should get tested about 10 years earlier than when the parent was diagnosed. I think some types of colon cancer are strongly genetic (like Lynch Syndrome) and in other cases, the genetic link is much less clear. In my case, no one had had colon cancer in previous generations, so far as we know, so there was no reason for me to be worried about it in my early 40s. Keep us posted on how your mom is doing, and try to stay as calm as you can. Lots of deep breathing and walks helped me. It's not easy, but speaking from personal experience, it helps us moms to have our kids keep focused on their own lives, keeping doing the things they would normally be doing. Kind of impossible, I know, but it does help to lessen our feelings of guilt about how we are impacting you guys! Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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don't be so afraid!! Your mom may have a bumpy road, will probably be with us for a long time. Read some of the other threads and you will see we are all ages( I'm 80) with various stages. But we are survivors!!!

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