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An update

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After a slew of scans (multiple mammograms, ultrasounds, and an MRI) and a biopsy, it has been determined that I have 2 masses that need to be surgically removed. Surgery will be on Tuesday (outpatient).

On a positive note, my surgeon says that all preliminary indications are that both masses are benign. However, I'll wait till I get back my pathology to really celebrate.

And that's the news that is the news...


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that is great that the surg does not think it is cancer! best news i have heard today! prayers still coming your way.

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Benign is great news. Praying your surgery goes smoothly. Jeff

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Was just thinking about you this morning while getting ready for the day and was praying for a good outcome for you. So glad to hear the encouraging news but can understand why you would want to wait. Take a big deep breath.


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I have a really good feeling that it will be okay. Try not to worry. Hang in there.


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Will be praying for good test results! Spoil yourself Monday before you have to go NPO and eat something decadent! You deserve it.

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I was wondering if you'd heard anything - was thinking about you and going to try to find your other post about this that I hadn't yet responded to. It's good to hear that he thinks they are benign - we will celebrate with you when you find out that is the case. Thoughts and prayers for you.


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I know you have had an emotional ride with this issue, but glad that the surgery can be done outpatient.

Will be praying that all the path is good news.


Marie who loves kitties

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I'll have you in my prayers for the surgery. Yes! That is looks benign. Keep up updated when you can.


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Oh, this is such great news! I hate that you have to get more surgery, but so glad the masses look benign. :)

Take a deep breath,

Hugs (())

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I've been thinking about you. Glad to hear your doctor thinks they're benign and glad you can do the procedure as an outpatient.

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Best wishes on your upcoming surgery.

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Glad to hear the news, and that the surgery will be a quick day visit. That's the only way to do it! Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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Outpatient is great and home same day. Benign is what it will be. Great results going your way.
Sandy :)

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Good luck. My thoughts and prayers are with you on Tuesday.

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Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for Tuesday.


Cathleen Mary
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Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as Tuesday approaches. Hopefuly, all will soon be behind you. Take good care of you.

Cathleen Mary

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benign is good, and glad you are having them removed.

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From one Alice to another - great news!

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