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Wendy Joy
Posts: 51
Joined: Jan 2012

I started this discussion in another thread....but wanted to know if anyone out there is watching Parenthood this season? They are doing an excellent story line about a character with Breast Cancer. It has been emotional for me watching it. Bringing me back to all of those moments of uncertaintly in the beginning.

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Jean 0609
Posts: 2462
Joined: Jun 2010

Unfortunately, I think I am about 2 weeks behind. I do have them on my DVR to watch when I get a chance.

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Megan M
Posts: 3001
Joined: Dec 2009

I missed the first couple of shows where she found out she had bc, but, I've been watching it now. I really like the show!

mamolady's picture
Posts: 796
Joined: May 2011

Someone posted about the show on another group I am in. I love the show. I even started watching on Netflix because of Max. My grand daughter has autism and I am impressed with how they are handling this topic too.
I don't like waiting a week for the next episode though!


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Posts: 121
Joined: Jun 2012

I think they are handling it in a true-to-life manner. Reminds me of my story. I get very emotional, too. Brings back a lot of feelings.

epark's picture
Posts: 339
Joined: Aug 2011

One of my favorite show....they are doing a great job with the BC

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Joined: May 2009

I like it!

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