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Oh no, devastating and scary news

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My husband just finished his radiation treatment for a gleason 9 in June, has been on lupron for 7 months already.
He has had a persistent cough and chest pain. Had a ct scan of the lungs yesterday and the doctor has identified what appears to be a pattern of tumors in the lungs with lymph node involvement which he says appears to be cancer. He is referring us to a pulmonary specialist. He said there could be more than one primary site for cancer, may not have started with prostate. He thinks they will suggest a biopsy or video of the lungs.
I am praying this is a mistake!

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Sorry to read of the latest imaging results. PCa is such a #%*!! insidious disease.  It sounds like your PCa onc has made the right referral.  In your last thread, I suspected (but hope I was wrong) that there might be more going on, especially in the lungs, with the symptoms your husband was experiencing:

People sometimes forget, underestimate (or don't realize) just how scary this PCa journey is, not only for our husbands, but for us, too. Sending good thoughts your way. I wish you both all the best and encourage you to update, as time permits.

Hang in there. 

mrs pjd

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Thanks Mrs. Pjd....appreciate your words. I'm praying

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