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nasal mucus side affect of FolFox???

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I've been sneezing / blowing nose with bloody nasal mucus. I have not really had a bloody nose but blood in mucus is now an everyday deal. I've undergone 8 treatments of FolFox so far.

Has anyone else undergoing FolFox dealt with this as a side-affect?

I don't recall this side affect being discussed?

Thanks for the feedback.


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Hi Phil....when i am on 5fu my nasal passages are dry and cracked. They are tender and the skin peels off so there is bleeding.

On the oxy my nose just dripped all the time....


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Trying taking a q-tip and putting vasaline on it and then coating the inside of your nasal passage, also saline solutions work but tend to drip out too fast. This is a side effect of it and sometimes the bleeding can be bad. Try not to blow too hard either as the membranes are already irritated and this could make it worse. Good luck.


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Phil, I have had dry nasal passages for years. I have had sneezing fits that lasted for days because of them. From the months of Oct- until about May. I have a humidifier going in my home and do not have any problems. When I get out of my house in the dry cold air it starts up again. Mine is not cancer related but the humidifier helps alot... so does getting hot baths and letting the steam enter your nasal passages.

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My daughter had exactly what you are describing the whole time on Folfox. She had boxes of Kleenexes in every room. It seemed ever time she blew her nose it was bloody or blood-tinged. And she complained of her nose dripping (watery, not blood) constantly. Best of luck to you Phil.


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I'm on FOLFOX + Avastin, and I have a runny nose quite frequently (clear) and have also noted blood on occasion when I blow my nose. I was attributing it to the Avastin, as it is known to cause nose bleeds.


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yes a side effect..
Please be very carefull if you vaseline.. I learned the hard way .. we all think its great but if there is any germs it will help them grow..
use simple saline in the nose and please let your dr now you are having this occurr as 5fu will not let the sinus heal..

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You might also try getting a humidifier. I had dry nasal passages during folfox treatment and used saline nasal sprays and ran humidifier at night in my bedroom.

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Hi Phil

My mom had those exact side effects of Folfox, the nose would just drip drip drip like running water. Sometimes bloody. One day it was so bad that it reminded me of when I have my allergy attacks of watery nose, so I gave her one of my allergy pills (a very light one called Aerius, might have a different name in your area). And it completely helped her! On her next onc. appointment she told them this and they gave her a prescription for it. Though they had never heard of anyone trying this this before, they were fine with it as long as it helped her.

BUT! I want to stress the fact that no one must try this before speaking with their doctor, even if it's just a harmless allergy pill. Just because it helped my mom it might not suit other's treatments so a doctor might object. But I just wanted to put it out there as a possible idea to bring up on your next appointment.
All the best.

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