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Pink Bus Needed For Our Pink Kari09/ Kari ---Please

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Here is what Kari posted today on the shout out to her:

Please come with me today:)
Thank you, Diane and all other warriors. I wish I had good news but I'm falling apart. Started with severe kidney infections, feet ankles arms all swollen, had an echo of my heart monday. Pet scan today SCARED SCARED SCARED, brain MRI on Thursday, sorry I don't have time to give you more, have to get ready for scan. Doc at 4 with results. I'll get back on here and update tonight or tomorrow. I'm so sorry for being absent but I'm just falling apart right now and been doing nothing but running to docs and scans. Be back soon
Miles of Love,

As you can see from what she posted, she really needs our prayers.

Thanks, Diane

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Kristin N
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I want you to still know that I am praying for you!


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