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New scans not good started Zaltrap today

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My newest scans (Oct 8th) were not good again...they show new tumors to the lungs and they are getting bigger. There were also new tumors to the liver and that upset me because the old tumors in the liver have been stable for 3 years and now they are active again. There is a large mass in the prostate that wasn't there in the July 25th scans. So the 8 weeks of 24/7 chemo wasn't strong enough. The good news is there is a new colon chemo...Zaltrap which my onc calls super Avastin and he ordered in on Monday and I just got my first treatment today. I was praying my body wouldn't reject it like it did all the others after 3 years 4 months with the exception of 5 F/U. I'm home in one piece now so that is good. They were able to give me Zaltrap, CPT, Luke and 5F/U. I'm praying in the next few days will be good and it starts to control the tumors and get everything stable. I'm praying everyone is doing the very best they can...this cancer stuff stinks!!! Jeff

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So very sorry the news was not better on the scans.

Am very glad though that your onc got you on a new treatment plan so quickly.

Prayers that it works very well for you.


Marie who loves kitties

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It's just hard to fathom how that stupid cancer could hold up against so much chemo. But I'm glad your onc still has a trick up his sleeve. I have read of cases where things got pretty bad before the right chemo, or combination of chemos, was found, and then there was a lot of improvement, so that is what I'm hoping will be the case for you. Sending hugs and strength your way~Ann Alexandria

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i hope & pray this works for you. stay strong & remember you have a family on here who are praying for you!

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Definitely NOT what I was hoping to hear from you! Hang in there, Jeff! Please know our hearts and prayers are with you - this cancer stuff truly does stink. Hoping and praying the new drug kicks the heck out of it.


Cathleen Mary
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I am sorry that you have more to deal with...you have been so persevering. Know that we are all rooting for you with prayer and best wishes. You're fortitude is amazing to say nothing of your courage. One day or one hour at a time.
Cathleen Mary

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So sorry to hear all this, Jeff. I hope the new plan with work fast and well for you.


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Sorry to hear all that, but I pray that this new combination might work for you and kill some of those pesty things off.
In my prayers, Hugs, Marjan

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Hoping this new treatment works for you.


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I am so very sorry you got this bad news. It amazes me, as it does others, that this monster called cancer can survive all the chemo that we throw at it. Prayers and hugs of comfort and healing racing your way!!

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I am so very sorry Jeff. I am heartbroken from the news.

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I'm hopeful that Zaltrap will add the X-factor into your treatment program...you certainly deserve it:)


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about the scan results. Hoping for better results with your new treatment.

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just wanted to mention that a FB friend of mine who is on her 3rd recurrence started Zaltrap this week. She had an immediate and large drop in her CEA, which is a good indicator for her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will work well for you also. AA

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Hang in there buddy. I started Folfiri+Zaltrap on Wednesday. Sending prayers for good results with "Z"
Be well,

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I know an 81 year old man who just started zaltrap. Been at it over 3 years. He's a fighter. He said if it werent for cancer, he thinks he would have a good 15 years in him. ( his mother in law is 106 years old).
Sock it to cancer, Jeff.

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I cannot friggen believe that cancer survived all the chemo. you got...frig....hoping zaltrap works wonders for you...

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I hope the zaltrap works.
You are in my prayers.


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