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Have those of you diagnosed had the OncoType DX Gene Assay done? Anyone with a high number?

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I had first stage breast cancer diagnosed in December 2011. My oncologist wanted me to have the OncoType DX assay before he finalized the plan of action (chemo and radiation or just radiation). I am sorry to say my Oncotype came back at 38. (0-10 is low, 11-20 is medium, 20-30 is high). This is apparently different from the BRCA gene testing. It determines your tendancy for recurrence. Mine was "off the charts" hence we decided to hit it with all guns...chemo (TAC) and radiation, after a bi-lateral mastectomy (right was prophylactic). I am 4 months out after radiation. Anyone else out there have a high number and what did their oncologist say about it?

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I did have it done my score came back at 13 but my onco felt I stilled needed chemo because of my age ( 42 )
She also told me that the score of the oncotype test really only matter if you are 60 or older that she doesn't use it in determining treatment
For her younger patiences

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Actually I would think it would be the OTHER way around....you'd be more inclined to want it for younger patients who are looking at MANY years down the road! That's odd.

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That is what my my husband and I though...... She said it had something to due with long term and that it was designed for older women
Who knows lol

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Mine was 17 i had chemo i was 41 years old.


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I never had this done, as, my oncologist said I wouldn't need chemo, due to my stage, grade etc. and the sentinel node was clean.

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Onco Type test is not used with all to determine TX. All BC is not the same. For some of us - it is hit IT with everything from the 'git-go'.

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My score was 22. The oncolgist told me from jump street that anything over 18 would get chemo, so I did.

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I only had radiation. If you're pre-menopausal and have lymph node involvement, you won't qualify to take the test. You probably need chemo. I had one small tumor on 1 lymph node, but because I'm post menopausal, I was able to take the test and avoid chemo. I assume that if I was younger (and pre-menopausal) I'd have more of a chance of re-occurance because of more estrogen production??? Not quite sure of the reasoning, but at 59 I plan on many more years! If my score was moderate, I would have chosen to have chemo.


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I was 63. I had chemo needless to say. I had taxotere and cytoxin.


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My onco type test score was 22, but where I live from 1-17 was low, 18-30 was intermediate and 30 and above is high. I am 53, and post menopausal. All my other tests were excellent so I said no to the chemo, and just finished 33 rads treatment. I had someone who has had cancer 2 times tell me that the score is just a number. I took his advice on this and felt totally comfortable with my decision. I know everyone of us are all different, but it's nice to talk too others who really understand what we are dealing with. I wish you the best on your journey.

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My score was 21. My med onc had a talk with me and said it was an intermediate #. A judgment call had to be made and based on the size(7mm), stage (1), grade (2), receptors (er+), and my pre-menopausal age (48), she thought the benefits of chemo would be outweighed by the side effects. So no chemo for me. I had 36 rads and am now on Tamoxifen. If, God forbid, I ever have a recurrence, I will always wonder if that decision was the right one.

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My number was 25, but i was told it was a medium score, that everything above 20 was highly advice to take chemo which i did, scary to know now that my scores were high, glad i took it, thxs Kacee

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