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Curly Hair

Wendy Joy
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Joined: Jan 2012

Has anyone else experienced having their hair grow back super curly after chemo? My hair is so curly and I have never had curly hair in my life. I like it, it's cute, still short. My question is if any of you have any suggestions on hair products for short chemo curls. I keep going back and forth trying mousse, gels, styling creams. Looks great with a head band, but trying to get away from it looking to "crunchy". Thank you!!!

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and it lasted for about 12 months...now I'm back to plain wavy. It is now salt and pepper (after dying it for 35 years, I didn't know what my "natural" color was anymore) and I am leaving it that way.

I used "Curls Rock" products by TIGI which I bought online (google it) because it seems to be a discontinued product--too bad.

Enjoy the curls now, as they may not last.


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Alexis F
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It seems that many have what they call chemo curls, but, it seems it doesn't last.

Enjoy them!


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Lasted about 1 1/2 years, then the curls returned. No one in my family EVER had straight hair - they were questioning my parentage!


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I have naturally curly hair and mine is coming in kindof wavy. I hoped it would come in straight!! (OH well!). But the weird thing is my PUBIC hair is bone straight. It has also grown in only on the sides, not in the middle, so I look like a balding man with a "ring". A girl I know who is an 18 year survivor said hers grew back that way too, and stayed. The public hair never filled in. What a hoot! My hair is about 3.5 months into growth. It's about an inch long. I have no idea what to do with it except to let it do its thing. I get so many compliments on it, it is amazing! My husband even likes it this short! I stopped wearing my scarves when I had stubble and just said to hell with it...but it grew in SOOOOOOO quickly!

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Mine came in freezy and curly and grey and white. After oh gosh several hair cuts my hair started to come in straight again and I color it. No hair under the arms at all. Lower half is there but not much. I did use all kinds of products on my hair because of the freezy. John freda products worked the best for me. However you spell that name ?

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Having had straight hair all my life io the point I thought I was adopted, I was thrilled with my chemo curls. They lasted 4 yrs!. Now they last for 2 days after washing and I am loving the flexibility! We should only have to worry about our curls!

Wendy Joy
Posts: 51
Joined: Jan 2012

I should add...this is a good problem to have:) So thrilled to have hair. I will try some of your suggestions. I never had underarm hair and now it grows like a weed, annoying, lol.

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My hair was curly before and curly after. Didn't notice a big change ;-)

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my hair would not curl for anything, after chemo it came back curly, finished 1-2010. still wavy, much darker and the nether regions did the same thing. I used frizz shampoo and conditioner from sephora and moroccan oil. wash and go kinda nice.

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my hair came back curly for 4 mos maybe and the top of my head down the sides a little going straight. I hope it stops. I will be upset if it goes all straight. the ends are curly. how weird.


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Jean 0609
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It was so easy to style. Now it's back to being straight. Hopefully, yours will stay curly.

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So I go to the oncologist before my first chemo in 2003 and they tell me to buy a wig and that my hair may come back curly. What you have to understand is that my hair has always been curly. When I was young it looked like I had a perm. So I said, with my luck it will come in straight. About six months after chemo it started growing in and guess what! It was straight. I was happy to have a change because everyone always wants the hair they don't have. I loved it and had fun with new styles. In 2009 recurrance and chemo again. This time my hair comes back in curly! I can't win. Actually, it is more wavy now which is nice. The best way to tame curly hair is to find a product that just controls any frizz you may have. Go to any local salon and tell them you don't want crunchy hair and they will help you out. Good luck with your new doo.


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Wendy, mine has come in curly also. It's still really short and I'm loving it and getting lots of compliments. I haven't used a blow dryer since the 2nd week of Jan. :-) I keep trying different products and haven't come up with anything I especially love. Hope the curls last a long time for both of us!

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