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Just Posted Newspaper Article on Expresions Page

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I just posted a newspaper article on the expresions page about"Breast Cancer Awareness Month". Had to put it up on two pictures because I couldn't scan the whole article as one scan. It's the local newspaper here in New Bern,NC called "The Sun Journal". Maybe next year I can get them to interview me about Male Breast Cancer? Here's hoping.


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Christmas Girl
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... heading there now. And - thank you, Robert, for sharing.

Kind regards, Susan

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Bella Luna
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I read your piece. Your story is going to save lives and provoke thought and discussion about breast cancer. Good for You, Robert!

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Love that with all you are going through, you are still taking the time and effort to help other men be aware of this disease and that it does effect men. Isn't really special to be the main man on this board! Just read all your birthday wishes, that should tell you a lot.

Keep teaching,

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Double Whammy
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My eye went right to your photo. They placed it very prominantly. I think you should call them and ask for an interview about the male side of breast cancer that is often unseen. I'm serious, Robert.

Good work - you have raised awareness for male breast cancer.


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