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Weird CA-125 stuff

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Hi Ladies,

My CA-125 in May was 9. A lymph node lit up on the pet scan. A needle biopsy confirmed cancer. When it was surgically removed in July it was confirmed to be ovarian. After one round of cistplatin/taxol it was 50.3 at the end of August. End of September it was 31.9. Obviously it fell, but I'm really scared since I had a recurrence with a normal ca-125. I will have scans the end of this month. I just took round 3 yesterday. Has anyone else experienced this?



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This had not happened to me but I think there is another test they have to monitor your ca125 levels. Someone else will probably come along who knows about the other blood test.Good luck.

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The other test is the HE4 test. Unfortunatly, it is not uncommon for the CA-125 not to become elevated with a recurrance to the lymph nodes. This other test might be a better indicator for that.

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