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Once again surgery is CANCELLED *Chemo Update*

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On further test reviews it is decided I am to do chemo first, and maybe down the road surgery.
It is what it is.
Winter Marie

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Winter I pray that the chemo does the trick so that further surgery is not needed. Prayers, good wishes and hugs going out to you.

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Dear Winter Marie, I am so sorry to hear that you won't get your surgery yet.

I know you were up for it.

Having been in this situation before, you know you can get that chemo going and get back to being on the surgery list.

Prayers for you as you start this new part of the journey and that surgery will be sooner than they expect it can be.


Marie who loves kitties

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Hang in there, lady!! Hopefully the chemo will do the trick quickly and, if you still need it, surgery will not be too far down the road.


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Oh that has to be just so frustrating but if the treatment can help you with better surgery odds then that is a good plan. Hoping your treatment goes well for you.


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WinterMarie, I am so sorry for all the changes you have been going through. I'm with Doc...maybe Chemo will get it all !!! Hugs and prayers of comfort and healing speeding to you. Art

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What a time you have had. Prayers for no surgery needed.

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double triple hugs....


Cathleen Mary
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What a roller coaster...so sorry. It seems just as you catch your breath, they change the plan. Hope and prayers are being sent from everywhere.
Breathe deeply.
Cathleen Mary

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I hate to hear this but know you have it in you to do whatever it takes. Shrink those tumors into submission, you can do it. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Winter Marie.


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dont you just hate it when the docs just jerk you around,they cant make up their mind and it just makes this roller coaster ride worse.all we can do is hold on tight,my onc told me to not stress over things so just breath my dear friend and take one day at a time(((HUGS))) Godbless....johnnybegood

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Just curious if they told you exactly why they feel chemo. would be best first. I'm thinking they want to take the "less invasive" attack on in. Did they feel it was risky because of your recent heart issues?

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I am so truly sorry to hear that.

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I am so sorry. I hope chemo treats you well this time around.


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you've had your plans changed. Here's hoping for great results.

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Hopefully shrink it a little then surgery? Is that the plan? I know how you feel though, I just like to get it out and have surgery right away. Good luck and hopefully surgery soon.
Sandy :)

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I'm praying this will all work out for the best. You are such a strong and good person I'm sure everything will be good. Jeff

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new game plan that i am praying will work. hang in there. you are a very tough woman so i know you will meet this head on.
hugs & prayers

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O dear Winter, hang tuff girl, lets see if this works and then the surgery maybe.
So sorry, every time you get yourself ready and then the turn around.Not easy to deal with all that.
Triple Hugs, Marian

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Dear winter,
You are lucky you are so strong
You Will find away


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Thank you all for your good wishes and your words, they mean a lot to me.
Saw onc this morning (I showed up at his office to get an appt, as I was tired of two days of waiting for a call)and will start chemo tomorrow, Oxy, Avastin and Xeloda for 3 rounds (once every three weeks) then drop the Avastin the 4th round, then hopefully surgery after 6 weeks or so after dropping the Avastin (depending of course on tumor shrinkage).
The surgery being cancelled had nothing to do with heart, all were willing and able to deal with that (especially since it was "fixed" with a stent) it was due to too many tumors showing up on the PET scan (CT scan showed about 5 fewer).
Okay, on to tumor shrinkage once again, fingers crossed on surgery once again.
Gosh, I HATE OXY and the cold thing...oh well.
Winter Marie

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but I am glad that they still have surgery as the goal. That's huge. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts tomorrow, hoping it all goes smoothly. May those little ******* cancer cells drop like flies! Hugs and strength coming your way~Ann Alexandria

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oh Winter Marie you are made of such good stuff. Yes on you go with the nasty oxy....shall I send you great big canuck hats and mittens??

It is very good there is surgery in your future....

good luck tomorrow girl and stay in touch.

With you every step on this crappy path.....

sending love


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And here I was wondering where the heck I was going to get nice warm furry caps and mittens, hard to find in California!!! LOL
Thanks for being there along the way.
Winter Marie

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continued prayers and might i suggest a punching bag?

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