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~~ What Type Of BC Were You Diagnosed With & At What Age? ~~

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Now you knew I was going to have to ask a new question on here, didn't you? lol

So, what type of bc were you diagnosed with and how old were you?

♠♣ Love, Susie ♠♣

Enquiring minds want to know LOL

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I was diagnosed October of 2010 with IDC stage 2 at 47 years old.

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Inflammatory Breast Cancer - Aug 2009 at 63. Still NED.

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IDC, Stage 3, ER & PR+, Age 33

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I was diagnosed on June 26,2012 with IDC stage 1 grade 2 at age 42

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The left side -- infiltrating lobular carcinoma; on the right, ductal carcinoma in situ. This was based on what biopsies showed. After my surgery, though, the pathology reports were such that I was told my cancer is Stage IIIA. Cancer does not run in my family.

I was 57½ years old.

I finished chemo (ACT) July 16, 2012.
I finished radiation therapy September 26, 2012.

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Stage 2, Grade 3 Triple Negative IDC. Age 52 - DX Nov 2011.

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I had triple negative breast cancer. Stage 2. I state HAD so as to be positive. I try not to worry about it comming back. I do take care of myself well though.

I know I was in my mid fifties. When the doctor asked how old I was I replied that I didn't know. He thought it odd. I stated it doesn't matter how old I am until I can collect social security. So I told him what year I was born in and he figured it out. I got a degree but it was not in math

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Diagnosed July 5 2011 at age 39... IDC stage 1 grade 3..lumptcomey ..4 round of chemo ,..33 rads and now a a year cancer free...woot woot....

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Ductal and Invasive bc and stage 1

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Triple negative, invasive ductal bc - stage 1, grade 3. Lumpectomies, AC/Taxol, 33 radiation treatments. Finished March 16, 2012 Age at diagnosis was 55.

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I was 41 invasive ductal carcinoma in 2009 and 42 the second time in 2010!


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Diagnosed 6/11 age 58 IDC stage 2, grade 1 ER + PR +


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IDC ER and PR + and Her2 -

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I was diagnosed in February 2012, 53yrs old. This is a rare, slow growing, often missed on mammograms cancer. It is more common in children and men. It was guessed that I had this for maybe 10yrs before it was diagnosed.

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DCIS age 55 Sept 2011

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42 yrs...IDC stage 2b, grade 3.

My path report showed 3 subtypes. What does that mean?

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There was no bc in my family either. They used to or still say that it is a big contributor, but, it seems many of us have no one that had bc before us.

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stage 1, grade 3. er +, pr+, her2 - . I was 44.

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DCIS at the age of 49-no family history, no lump etc. found on routine Mammo! HAPPY TO SAY!

Jan 2008


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IDC and DC in Situ, Stage one, 60 yrs.

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IDC, stage 1, ER/PR positive, HER-, I was very close to 57 yrs old in Dec., 2009.

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invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 2a, grade 3, at 32..

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Megan M
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IDC Have you noticed how many of us got the diagnosis of IDC? It seems like most of us.

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Stage 1, grade 3, ER- PR- HER2 +, at age 54. Found on routine mammogram, diagnosed 5/17/11. Mastectomy, chemo, no rads, finished Herceptin 6 weeks ago!

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Stage 11 4 chemos 35 rads 5yrs arimidex May 2004

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age 47

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2010 aged 53. Mum got her first of three breast cancers at about same age though as now passed don't know types one a lump, nipple cancer then
pre cancer cells.

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I was Dx with IBC May 2010 I was 52.

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Jan 20, 2011
Aged 56

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 3-A, Triple Positive

Lynn Smith
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Non Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.Stage 0.Dx 8/09 at 62

Very high family history.Mom at 21 lived 60 years,niece at 30 Survivor 7 years,me at 62 over 3 years and now my sister who was dx this July at the same age as me,62.

Lynn Smith

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IDC staged at 2-3 ER/PR+ Diagnosed in 2005 and Praise God, cancer free!

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Age 55 April 2009 IDC Stage 2 ER/PR Pos Her 2 pos 22 nodes removed 2 pos. Cancer Free

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Megan M
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Infiltrating Stage 1 ER+ PR+ HER2-

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I was diagnosed with IDC, Er and Pr positive and HER2 negative.

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I received my diagnosis for IBC with two positive lymph nodes on Monday May 21, 2012.
I was still 45 at that time.

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I was diagnosed when I was 41 with DCIS in situ, with a small microinvasion after my first mammogram.

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to see how young everyone was at the time of diagnosis!

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Alexis F
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That's what I was thinking too. Just so young

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Different Ballgame
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First time: March 2006 - Age 65 - 0 Stage DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) -- Lymph Nodes Free of Cancer - Double Mastectomy because margins continued not to be clear

Second time - October 2009 - Age 68 - Invasive Carcinoma (one cell got away and landed on scar)

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I don't know how you got through cancer twice Janelle. Women, survivors like you, are my heroes!


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DX at age 59 in July of 2009 with IDC Stage 2a, ER+/PR+ and HER2+. Lumpectomy, one node removed with a very microscopic amount of cancer. 6 rounds of 3 different kinds of chemo(TCH 3 rounds, FEC 100 2 rounds and Abraxin one round) and then 33 rads. Switched oncs right in the middle of chemo. Did not like the way I was being treated. Well really the way I was not being taken care of.


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Got diagnosed on May 18th 2012. IDC grade 1 stage 2 Er& pr positive and her 2 negative. I was 52 and now am 53


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when I was diagnosed this past April 2012, after a routine mammo, with invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 1 grade 2, er/pr+ her2-, no node involvement. Lumpectomy, 36 rads, now on Tamoxifen. I turned 49 during rads.

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Lobular stage IIIc, 45 yrs old. 3 years later just found a spot on my rib!! Marianne

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I was diagnosed with Stage 1, grade 2/3, ER+ PR- Her2- IDC in May 2009 at age 48.

Four rounds of TC chemo and double mastectomy and now on Femara. My Grandmother and her three Sisters were all BC statistics. My Mother and Aunt had ovarian cancer. Needless to say, I wasn't terribly surprised when I was diagnosed.

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Double Whammy
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Stage 1b, grade 2, ER/PR+, Her-2-. DCIS "high nuclear grade" found on final pathology. May 2010, age 63. Oncotype score 31.

Doing great 2 1/2 years later! Oh, also endometrial cancer Stage 1a, Gr. 1 at the same time. Believe me, I'm not trying to "on up" anyone!


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I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer (Stage IIa, Grade 3) in December 2009 when I was 51 years old. I am now dancing with NED.


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I was diagnosed with Invasive lobular in my left breast stage III, ER-PR positive on Sept 12, 2011. I was 53 years old. Chemo & radiation are behind me and reconstruction is on the horizon.

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I was diagnose with invasive ductal and lobular with lymph node involvement in 1994. I was ER+ PR- and had just turned 47 - there was no Her2 at that time.

in 1999 regional recurrence with ER+ PR+ and Her2-
in 2000 mets to two ribs
in 2008 widespread metastasis to both lungs, pleura and pleura effusion, celiac nodes involvement
ER+ PR- Her2 -

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2 year anniversary coming up


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