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Shout Out To Pink Kari09 ---- Kari Posted An Update Today

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Kari, you have not posted in some time and I am hoping that your chemo is going well with you and that you have no side effects.

Drop in when you can and update us. We all love you and worry about you.

Hugs, Diane

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Alexis F
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Joined: May 2009

Lots of hugs, prayers and positive thoughts for Kari!



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positive thoughts and gentle hugs.

Please know we all care for you and pray you are doing better.


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I've got you covered too with hugs, support, prayers and lots of hope!



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Thank you, Diane and all other warriors. I wish I had good news but I'm falling apart. Started with severe kidney infections, feet ankles arms all swollen, had an echo of my heart monday. Pet scan today SCARED SCARED SCARED, brain MRI on Thursday, sorry I don't have time to give you more, have to get ready for scan. Doc at 4 with results. I'll get back on here and update tonight or tomorrow. I'm so sorry for being absent but I'm just falling apart right now and been doing nothing but running to docs and scans. Be back soon
Miles of Love,

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We see that. Why can't a machine? We love you and are very concerned with you. We will hold you up in prayer while you are going through this and be there in spirit. If our love could fix it...oh if only our love could fix it! we would.

Holding on to you, and sending you peace. Will be waiting to hear how it went today.

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Sending your positive thoughts, gentle hugs, love, and prayers.

Holding you close to my heart.

Vicki Sam

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Christmas Girl
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Of course, we will accompany you today, in spirt. Forming a circle to surround you with lotsa love.

xo Susan

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Kari, I am so sorry. Praying for you!!!!!

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