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Total colon removal but no cancer

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I am writing here because I can't seem to find another board to discuss my situation.
I first off will say, I do NOT have colon cancer or any other cancer. Praises.
My colon doesn't work. And has never worked. I've been dealing with laxatives since I was 21. I'm now 43. So I can't go to the bathroom at all, unless I use 10+ laxatives at a time.
So my life has been terrible. I have to plan my life around when I will use the bathroom for hours/days at a time.
Can you imagine eating during the week and then emptying on the weekends? it's been really rough.
I've dealt with this so much it's insane. The pain, the cramping the mood swings. it's been too much. I finally found a surgeon who is willing to offer a solution. Believe me, I've tried every diet, every drink, every pill, every medicine to help and had zero relief. Now the dr figures I was born this way.
My colon is suppose to be around 5 feet long but it's stretched to what the dr believes around 10 feet long...so he is going to remove the entire colon on Oct 23rd and connect my small intestines to my rectum.
I am finding little information on this procedure. Does anyone know anything about this?
He claims he done this 1000's of time and mostly women. I've had the 2nd opinion and this dr agrees this is the best option to live a healthy life.
Thank you for any information you can give.

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I don't have any info on this but wanted you to know ill be crossing my fingers for the best result from your surgery. You might post on the colon board. There may be someone there who has had a similar surgery. There are some good people there. Take care and best of luck on the surgery. Fay

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