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BS and RO appointments today

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I wonder if anyone else had to go back weekly for fluid to be removed from the surgical site where the lymph nodes were removed during a lumpectomy? This is my third time back to the breast surgeon. And the surgery was 4 weeks ago yet there is another huge sore lump where the tumors were removed. I thought I would feel better by now.

Today is my consultation with the RO. I wonder if they can even start radiation with the pain still there from surgery. This is a new cancer center and this RO was not in the "team" from the other center so I sure hope he can pick up on my medical history. So worried about falling between the cracks again.


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I have heard several of the ladies have the issue with fluid Kay, I am sorry you have to deal with this! I am praying your appt's go well today!

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why this may be happening, if so, how long the fluid build up may continue. Also,
see if there something you may be a position you need to sleep to help alleviate
the pressure === which may be leading up to the fluid build up -- arm exercises, etc.

Prayers, and positive thoughts for you ..

Get some advise, and answers -- You deserve piece of mind.

Vicki Sam

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Hope you had good luck today. Post when you can.

Hugs, Kylez

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The breast surgeon removed more fluid and says to come back one more time...each time I go it costs $100...so easy for him to flippantly say come back, come back, come back.

And I had called ahead to an RO in-network at the facility by me for rads,and got the secretary who said he will consult at his normal facility but allow the treatments at the one near me.But when I went to him for the consultation, AFTERWARDS, he told me he doesn't go there and referred me to another RO at my facility. Another $50 + $8 parking + a missed day of work wages. The money is just being sucked out of me, and I am getting no where!!

Please excuse my venting ladies. I feel so beat down with all of the financial, physical, and personal buffetings that I can't see the light. So many people have their hands in my poor little pocket and I keep getting fooled. Oh, Kay, just shut up, buck up and go have another cup of coffee...BLACK...and hold the liquor...

Do you still love me sisters?

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Yep, we still love you and Yep, we understand! How about a hug for starters? Wish I could do more for you.

Sue :)

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Vent all you want. It is a shame that everything costs us so much anymore and we have to do it. Besides dealing with bc and our tests, it makes it twice as hard to worry about the financial end.

Hoping you feel better!

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A Seroma is not unusual after surgery when drains are not used or are taken out too soon. It is caused by a leakage of lymphatic and blood serum that forms into a 'pocket'. (Can also be caused by truama/blunt force injury - dealt with it for about 6 months with a horse who was kicked by another horse years ago). While it is not an abcessĩnfection it needs to be monitored in case an infection developes.

My rather large seroma developed shortly after 2nd drain was removed 4 weeks post surgery. Drain 1 came out at 2 weeks post with no problem. Drain 2 was still putting out more than ideal at 4 weeks post but Surgeon felt that the drain itself was causing irritation so took it out. It wasn't long til I had a large seroma. It was drained several times and I wrapped with an Ace bandage at night. It finally went away. At 15 weeks post surgery, Rads Dr wanted a new CAT before starting rads and though it was no longer filling up, it was still showing up as a 4X6 cm seroma but did not stop me from starting rads the next week. The reason for 16 weeks between surgery and starting rads was that I started 12 weekly Taxol 3 weeks post surgery.

As you are having issues in the area that nodes were removed it would be a good idea to get an appt with a Certified Lymphedema Therapist to establish a baseline in case you do develope LE. (Be sure to see a CERTIFIED lymphedema Therapist y not some PT who claims to know about LE.) They should measure you, give information on what to watch for, teach you MLD (Mannual Lymphatic Drainage) massage and if needed teach you to wrap/ measure for garments, etc. Not trying to worry you but any time even 1 node is damaged/removed - it is possible to develope LE to some degree and the better educated you are the better as the sooner TX is started IF it developes - the better.

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