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tall cell thyroid cancer

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does anyone have tall cell thyroid cancer

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I have tall cell thyroid cancer. Had my thyroid and some lymph nodes removed 1/12, decided against further treatment after more testing and discussions with my doctor. I did not want to have the RAI therapy because I had another very aggressive totally unrelated cancer less than a year prior to this cancer. My doctor felt confident she could follow me adequately using blood tests and yearly scans. I hope I made the correct decision.

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I'm a new member of this group and a new member to being diagoned with Thyroid cancer. I also have a tall cell variant. I'm looking for any information on tall cell...I can't find much anywhere on this. Is it rare? Is it more aggressive? What does that mean? Etc...

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Hi. I had thyroid surgery (hemithyroidectomy) on May 6 and the pathology shows presence of Tall Cell variant. I am trying to determine best course of treatment. My surgeon is recommending we just monitor the situation for the time being but I've been reading about the aggressive nature of Tall Cell thyroid cancer and would love input from others. I am fortunate in that they caught mine early - it was only 1.04mm in size. I will be consulting with endicronologists in coming weeks. Does anyone out there have experience with tall cell treatment when presence of tall cells is still small in size? 

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