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Juicer - now I need recpies

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Well I ordered a juicer tonight. I guess I need some suggestions for recpies or web sites that don't get too crazy for ingredients. I live in a rural area so basic fruits and veggies are the most readily available. Thanks

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I'm not a juicer myself but I'm sure others on this board will post soon. You may want to check out the Colon Cancer board. I know there are several juicers that post there.


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...are all that is required! I've read about kale, cucumber, strawberries... I'm sure a google search will come up with some simple tasty recipes.

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avoid always mixing fruit with .... better to eat your fruit and benefit from the fibre, and concentrate on juicing a quantity of veg that is otherwise too much to eat. Use carrots if you can get them as a base. Add in kale, cabbage, sprouts etc. Fresh ginger & turmeric. Wheatgrass (order the seeds aka berries and grow your own). If you have sweet tooth - use apples as a base. Try keep other fruits to separate fruitjuices.. for desert!

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Love the profile picture. It's nice to see who we're communicating with.

Can't add anything on juicing-I'm not a juicer.


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The Gerson therapy suggests organic carrots and granny smith apples. I juice almost every day. I but 10lbs of organic carrots for $4.95 from Costco, used organic granny smith apples if I can find them. I also add blackberries (reported good for EC) and add organic celery and strawberries. I have been doing this since I was first diagnosed Feb 2011. I was stage IV have been NED for 1 year. I did radiation and Chemo but juiced and drank Essiac tea during all my treatments. I still juice drink Essiac and do hydrogen peroxide therapy to stay healthy.

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