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OT Oh My God, I just discovered Hungry Girl Recieps and they are yummy

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I ordered the cookbook "300 Recieps for Under 300 Calories". So far I have tried 2 of them. I modified the first one some because she uses a lot of Shirataki noodles in her recieps and I don't think I can do the tofu stuff. I made sort of a Pasta Alfredo. I used Dreamfields penne pasta instead of the Shirataki noodles. I fixed the cheese sauce according to the reciepe and used shrimp for me and my husband and chicken for his mother. It was yummy. Tonight I made Jambalaya. I cannot believe how good it was. I did leave out the hot sauce because we really don't like spicy but it was really good. Yea for me. She uses a lot of vegs as fillers, which is okay with me, so you get a bigger serving. Less fat, calories and lots of flavor.



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what would make them even better is if she'd come over, cook them, and then cleaned up.

I'm not only hungry, but I am also pragmatic.

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I've never heard of this, but from what you wrote Donna, it sounds good! Who wrote the book?

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But after she pours the wine, wouldn't a little window washing be a nice touch?

Just a thought.


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Author is Lisa Lillien and she has written several cookbooks. I think she has a program on TV but not sure the channel. First heard about her on Dr. Oz.

This is her website http://www.hungry-girl.com/ and you can see some of her reciepes if you click on "Chew The Right Thing". She converts current fav dishes to lighter reciepes there.


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Alexis F
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I'm going to check out her website. Thanks!


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Shirataki noodles are soy free. They carry them in whole foods or you can order direct from:

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