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Now officially three months into remission :)

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Dear Sisters,

A week ago I had another CT scan (chest, abdomen, pelvis), CA-125 test, and pelvic exam. Everything is clear again/still, and my CA-125 is lower than ever (6.8).
Whoo-hoo! This seems real, now, as if my NED report from last time could have been a fluke.
My oncologist is delighted, and though she wants me to have another check-up in 3 months, it'll be another 6 months till my next scan.
It's a long, long haul--and maybe I'll never truly be free of this. But I'll take every good result I can get.
Here's hoping that we ALL have clean scans and good test results.


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Sooooooo happy for you!!!! Amazing, wonderful great news!!!

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If you dont mind me asking, what kind of treatment did you have?


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having had lung mets (very small and diffuse) appear after 6 months of doxorubicin/cisplatin for endometrial adenocarcinoma, Stage IIIC2, grade 2.
Plus, a lot of other complementary treatments: Ayurveda; acupuncture; Reiki; meditation; visualization; qi gong; yoga....
Glad to answer your question!

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Continue to celebrate each day. May you dance with NED for a very long time. I am so happy for you. In peace and caring.

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Awwww, Kate... I do understand how your feeling. I was NED for a few ck ups. My last chemo was 5/11, my ca125 stayed about 5, scans clear. I didn't believe it untill recently that I'm ok. I bet you can't stop smiling. WONDERFUL. Congratulations, enjoy...WOW!

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Reading your good news is such a lift.

Congrats & enjoy it!


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That is really good news. May you stay with NED for a long time. trish

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Kate, Best news. Enjoy!!

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You go, girl!!!!

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It feels like a reprieve again. I don't think I am taking it for granted, at least not much (!) But it's also hard to stay in the austere mode. Still trying to find a new balance, as we all are....
I appreciate everyone's kind words. Peace and health to all.

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Sorry - been away for a few days and just catching up with posts.
Great news, Kate. You must be so, so happy! I am so pleased that the Megace is doing it's stuff.
I have been on letrozole (Femara) since end June and I have my first scan planned for November, so I am hoping I can follow in your shoes. My oncologist says she has ladies who have kept their cancer under control for years with these hormones. Let's hope we're both in that camp.
Kindest wishes

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