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parorid tumor - not sure of diagnosis - basal cell adenocarcinoma ?basal cell adenoma ?adenoid cystic carcinoma

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I have not been offered radiation as they had different diagnoses.
It was tubular and trabecular. It is thought malignant. I was told basal cell adenocarcinomas are usually 'ok' but I have increased lymph nodes and are round not oval and lost hilums. I have been told they cannot get all the cancer out between ear and jaw in parotid - this is over 3cm on contrast ct.

I am soon going to have my 3rd head and neck dissection . I am concerned as have been told surgery can spread the cancer and I will not get radiation if they are not sure of which cancer it is.
The most likely they think is basal cell adenocarcinoma which is called 'intermediate'.
Any ideas or similar experiences?
As i have school child and care of older teenager i would apreciate ideas and experiences

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Hey there !
What's up with your pathologist ? You can ask them to re-do this and give you specific histology (tissue type) of the tumor. I get so upset that this isn't done the first time around. I was classified twice with adeno...instead of adenoid. There is a difference in diagnoising the cancer type...for treatments. Adenoid cystic carcinoma has 3 specific tissue types...cribform, tubular, solid...you can have 1-2 or all three present in tumor. With ACC it usually spreads along the nerves and not the lymph nodes. If this is your 3rd resect...please make sure of your dx. Have you ever had rads in the area before ? If so then it makes treatment more complicated but not impossible ! Will be thinking of you ! And if you do have adcc please private mail me, as I can give you some more resources to check with before proceding further. Katie

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Are you saying they have biopsied and don't have these answers for you?

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basal cells are found in the basaloid layer of epithelium. mHence, basal cell skin cancer, which is a common, indolent form of skin cancer, found mostly in sun exposed areas of skin. Adenocarcinoma, and all of the parotid cancers are distinctly different. The OP likely has one of the histologically confusing salivary tumors. Confusing to us, less so to the people doing the treatment. I wonder what the bottom line on the pathology report says?


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