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Man With A Mission-My Brother in Arms

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I just cooked and ate dinner with my family. I had to come back and post this as I am so angry inside. Robert had a thoughtful positive post and most of what I saw on there was negativity. Why are you all so mad at the color pink? It's just a color. While I agree that some people take advantage of it, that happens in all aspects of life. To me if a candy shop wants to wrap it's bags in pink for October and it reminds just one person to get their mammogram I'm happy. If you don't like pink for a color that is fine but why be negative to Robert's positive message? I quite frankly think some people take themselves a little to seriously where their cancer is concerned. I'm not trying to offend anyone but if you have to be able to laugh at some of this stuff, like the NFL and all it's pink. I love it. It makes me smile, probably because I love football. Just so you know I am stage 4 with mets. I've had six surgeries and multiple infections. I still make jokes about my cancer it's my coping mechanism. Laugh once a day it will make you smile.
Robert, I just had to come back in here and back you up. Happy Birthday and thanks for the postings!

With Love,

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Thank you,Terry, for your comments. I hope it got all the anger out of you! I try to fill my heart with Love,Peace and Forgiveness. The trouble with the world today is there is to much HATE & ANGER in peoples hearts,aimed at everyone else.

Yes, there was some negativty towards "Pink" in another post, but don't get angry with them or hate them, because that is their right to speak out about their feelings. To dismiss them is to dismiss their feelings,too. One thing I don't do is to tell someone what they can or can not "feel"! Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Besides, look at all the "positive" information she gave us to look up on all those sites.

I love that old saying,"Laughter is the best Medicine!" Let's all laught more!

(((HUGS))) and Love to all

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Thanks Robert,

You are a kind soul. The reason I was angry wasn't to dismiss their opinions but they could have started another post about how "Pink" has become big business. To me it just didn't relate to your post and I felt I needed to stand up. I don't come on here all the time because of all the negativity. It makes me sad. Life is just to short. My motto is "Live the life you have not the one you want". I'm not saying people can't have their feelings and opinions, it just made me angry as I felt like they were picking on you. Since you are one of the few men who write on the board I didn't want you to feel bad especially on your birthday. I'm glad you are in a positive place. JMO


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Many agree with what you wrote Terry. So, thank you! And, thanks to you too Robert for your words on how pink can be so powerful in October for the fight against bc.

Hugs, Jan

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Thanks, sometimes I feel like I am so alone out here. I actually cried when I read your post. It is hard for me to understand why people become so consumed with everything "cancer". Sometimes I just want to forget.


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Bella Luna
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Robert... you're one class act! Happy Birthday to You!

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I love that pink October makes it possible for everyone to express how they feel about a worthy cause. I saw a photo of the stands at a local high school football game and everyone was in pink...young teen boys and girls, adults, everone. My "macho" 31 yr old son got a tiny pink ribbon tatooed on his wrist. I feel that especially for males it helps to make them aware that this is not only a women's issue but everyone's issue. I have hopes that my son will take my experience and watch for his own health and some day be as strong and kind as Robert. My son had a very hard time dealing with my cancer and I was worried at times. I also feel very strongly about all cancers as one side of my family has had almost all of them. Best wishes to all.

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Jean 0609
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Thank you for posting this. I haven't been back here for a few days, because I was kind of upset. I don't come here as much as I used to either.

I agree about the NFL. I love my football and love it that those grown athletes wear the pink. My cousin's son plays football in highschool and he died his hair pink and wore pink gloves in my honor last week. I was so touched.


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Thanking you also Terry! Love seeing the NFL players, coaches and refs all wearing pink!

Hugs, Leeza

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Christmas Girl
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Yes, we all have the right to our own opinions. However, I guess a lesson learned long ago from my Mom:

"If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all."

Has remained with me to this day.

To those who choose to support Pink October, in whatever way - kudos to you! And, as a fellow survivor, thank you. :-)

To those who don't - fine. BUT, don't criticize those who do!!!

I always advise others to be very cautious about the pink ribbon products for sale. And same for the organizations seeking donations. Do careful and thorough research! Know where your money is going, and how much of it, before you spend your hard-earned dollars.

Kind regards, Susan

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Thanks Terry. You wrote what many were/are thinking. The more pink out there, the more people are aware of breast cancer and hopefully early detection, as it does save lives.

I am one of the ones that I don't care what pink is on or who wears it. Just get the message out there. That's really the point, isn't it?

Hugs, Diane

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Christmas Girl
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After my own 1st DX (2003) - my awareness & fund-raising efforts were specific to breast cancer. Now, all these years later... I also advocate for ALL types of cancer.

Since 2003 - thyroid cancer & skin cancer (etc. ...) have touched family members and friends. I often display a purple ribbon - purple is for ALL cancer, no matter the type.

Kind regards, Susan

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And I wear pink any freakin time I want too... not just in October.

The other thread got pretty heated but if you go back and look at the later posts, you will find everyone is on the bandwagon with you Terry. Nobody likes bullying and that's almost what it felt like. But when push comes to shove, us pinks stand up for each other. I won't go on anymore or the discussion might pick up on this post too...

Anyways Robert ~ thank you. ♥

Your forever in pink sister,

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I just wanted to state that Terry, I absolutely agree with you on this. And Robert you are a classy guy. Though I agree that "Pink" is commercialized now, it doesn't deter from the fact that it does remind people of a very controllable disease such as Breast and even Colon cancer. These are 2 of the common cancers that if detected early enough, we may die of old age rather than the beast. If, wearing pink, brings more awareness to others and prompts them to go for mamos or colonoscopies per say, then I'll proudly wear my pink.

Hugs and I hope you had a wonderful birthday Robert.

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Pink is perfect! It will save lives! I am very glad that October is pink for breast cancer awareness!

Thank you Terry also!

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