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OT - SO proud of Son!

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Son (33) and his GF were out to dinner when some jerk ran through the resturant and grabbed a lady's purse and was out the door. Well, Son caught up with the jerk in the parking lot and tackled him. Another guy followed out so there were 2 of them keeping the jerk there when to police got there.

I'm not suprised that he came to the moment/need - he always has when someone needs help. Not too long ago, he and a couple of his friends interviened to help an older lady (lives a couple houses from friend) who was being hassled for her money by some 'gang bangers'/dopers. (So many other times he has stepped up when needed actually going back to when he was in 2nd grade.) I am glad that he will do what is needed to help rather than be an ostrich not seeing anything - BUT I worry that something may happen to him some day. He is who he is though and I am proud of him.

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Wow! Congratulations on raising a keeper. xoxoxo Lynn

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Parenting can be so difficult, yet when you see your own kid doing something so brave, it just makes it all worth it! I'm proud with you!!

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Doesn't it just make you so happy to have a good hearted boy in this awful day and age? Congratulations on being such a good mom too.

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