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Today is ManWithaMission's Birthday

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My two youngest daughters came up here yesterday for my "big 60" birthday. Thankfully they did not bring any black baloons or "RIP Banners" like they did for their mother's 60th. Oh, it just hit me,DUH! They were being sensitive about my "condition".HAHAHAHAAA That's funny. Don't jinks dad on his 60th birthday because it might come true. Oh My.

To all the ladies who were worried about my depression, I am on anti-depressents and have been since i was diagnoised in 2007. Thank you very much for worring about me.

Also, "To Pink or Not To Pink"? The choice is yours to choose what cause to donate to or who you buy "Pink" things from. Not everyone is corrupt and exploits Breast Cancer for their own ill-gotten gains. Corruption exist in everything! Let us only think of good thoughts and feelings about everything and everyone.

As for me, I'm having a wonderful birthday and no-one can bring me down today!!!!!!!!! Our local paper did an article on Breast Cancer where you could write about someone who passed from it or are survivors. So I wrote about "ME"!!!! (I will post it on expressions page when I can.)

My wife made me a 6 layer Chocolate cake for my birthday and I had homemade Lasagna for dinner last night. I wish all of you could taste my cake,but then there wouldn't be enough for me! HEEHEEHEE

Happy Birthday to ME!
Your Pink Brother

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Jean 0609
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Sounds like you are having a good day. Eat a piece of that cake for me! Yummy.

I am definitely wearing my pink this month!!!

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Happy birthday to you robert!


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Joined: Jan 2011

Have a happy birthday! Mmmm a 6 layer cake - enjoy that too.


Posts: 134
Joined: Oct 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday, Robert. I so agree with your input on going pink. I choose to go with it, myself.

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I wish you many, many more birthday celebration, Robert with your family. May this sixth decade be better than the last one.



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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Robert, happy birthday to you! Happy 60th, enjoy!


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Happy Bday and have many more

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Bella Luna
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Happy Birthday, Robert! I love your spirit and positive outlook. Wishing you and yours the best always!

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What a great time of year for a birthday! Hope you had a fantastic day!
Celebrate BIG!
Take good care and know we LOVE having a 'pink' brother!!!
much love - today and always

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Happy, Happy Birthday!!! That chocolate cake sounds divine :-)

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Double Whammy
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I would like some lasagne. I can pass on the cake (well, maybe not, but if I could only have one, it would be the lasagne). Hope you enjoyed your day.


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you're having a great day!!


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Happy Birthday Robert!

Hugs, Leeza

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Dear Robert,

I'm glad you post on this board and it sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Blessings, peace to you. I always like having a birthday week when my birthday trolls around...keep the party going. :) I hope you have a splendid birthday week!

Much love to you and your family! And to many more birthdays!

Peace to you.

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You should post more often, you've had a bunch of responses! We all like to hear from you Robert!! So happy you had a fantastic birthday!

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Happy belated birthday!

Hugs, Angie

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Sounds like a great birthday which you so deserve!

Hugs, Debby

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I am soooooo sorry I missed your Birthday! I have you on my list, however, I wasn't home at all yesterday.
Wishing you Health, Happiness, and Love on your special day and always!
♥ Cat

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Posts: 9080
Joined: Aug 2009

I am sorry that I missed your very special day... but, by the sounds of things ..
Your wife, and girls did you 'proud'. A six layer chocolate cake -- Wow ...homemade
lasagna -- yummmmmm

Prayers and Strength .. that you enjoy a 7 layer chocolate cake.

Vicki Sam

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Wishing you all the best for your birthday this year and many, many more!

Hugs, Kylez

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A little late, but the wish goes on the whole month! Sounds like your day was filled with family, fun and happiness!

Always love your posts!


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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Robert, our dear brother!!! Sounds like your day was made very special by your wife and daughters.....6 layer chocolate cake....and homemade lasagna...two of my favorites......

Hugs, Nancy

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And good for you for writing your article!


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Here I am a day late again. Hope your day was great and the good things continue. Guess I'm too late for that chocolate cake....


Posts: 332
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Glad you enjoyed your birthday. Be happy your girls are with you. Mine didn't think it was a big deal and now it is my 65th. Oh well, I think it is a big deal and that is what counts. Wish I could have some of that home baked cake.

Enjoy the rest of the birthday year.

New Flower
Posts: 4299
Joined: Aug 2009

Happy belated birthday. I am glad you had a wonderful day

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Joined: Jun 2009

A late birthday wish to you Robert, but, a sincere one!

Hugs, Diane

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Posts: 108
Joined: Aug 2012

Happy Birthday, your wife is lucky to have you, and the lasagna!


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Christmas Girl
Posts: 3691
Joined: Apr 2009

... sounds lovely, Robert. You so deserved to celebrate in style, surrounded by your loved ones. Adding here my most sincere best wishes for many, MANY more birthdays!

Kind regards, Susan

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Happy Birthday. I too like italian food on my birthday. I opted for a birthday pizza once.

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Well Robert, I saved the best for last! Are you ready?

MUAWWWWWWWWWWWW! There, that was my birthday kiss to you! Just on your cheek, so, no need for your wife to get upset. lol

Happy, happy birthday!

Sue :)

Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

Happy Birthday a few days late.WOW 6 layer chocolate birthday cake.YUMMMMMMY.Wishing you many many more.

I understand your feelings and your children's thoughts.We are alot more sensitive because so much is the unknown.I am more sensitive.Told someone I lost more weight.The response was "Is your cancer back???? I've been put back and upset about this.

I don't wear as much pink now but I'm so happy to see the support given to those of us with breast cancer.There's so many survivors and those who lost the battle it needs to be out there to save more lives.I talk to my granddaughters about it.In their teens and twenties. I had my first 2 benign tumors at 20.My mom had her cancerous tumor at 21.

We're all thinking of you Robert and wish you the best.

Lynn Smith

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