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My Mom was diagnosed with MMT in May 2012

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My mom was diagnosed with a mixed mullerian tumor in May of this year. She is 73 years old and was full of energy and looked 20 years younger. She had a total hysterectomy, full abdominal wash and lymph node ablation. Her cancer was contained in her uterus except 2 lymph nodes. She is stage 3C. She just finished her radiation tx, had to go through a blood transfusion, etc. but is still feeling so tired, having back and leg pain and getting very discouraged. She is a very independent person and not used to being sick. I was wondering if anyone else has been through similar treatments and how long it took to feel back to 'normal.' I worry about her all the time, because it is so hard to see her like this. Please help!

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So sorry about your mom. She has been through alot and treatment takes such a toll on our bodies. Fatigue is normal. And discouragement is normal.

Please continue to support your mother and help her get good nutrition and start some regular exercise - even just a little.

I think it is encouraging that she is not used to being sick. This can be something to look forward to - health again. She will get back there slowly.

I am dealing with a second recurrence of UPSC. But in between recurrences I have enjoyed good health and quality of life.

Take heart. God Bless. Lots of hugs,

Mary Ann

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My Mom was diagnosed in May around Mother's day this year and she just turned 71 years in August. She also is not used to being sick and had no prior chronic ailments. She was in perfect health. She has carcinosarcoma stage 4C I believe was the last. She just finished 6 cycles of carbo/taxol and is now awaiting CT scan of everything on Oct 19th. She has terrible restless legs at night, terrible back pain and is tired of being tired too. Maybe you could send me your email so they could connect and talk with one another. I am not sure if they would but it is an idea.

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stressed and Jmoses,

Glad you found this site as it is full of encouraging women. It is a place to share ideas, treatments, successes and yes even failures. Sorry both of your moms have to go through this, but they do have their daughters to help them through this. I was 55 when dx with carcinoma sarcoma stage 3c1 and my daughter was there through it all. She stayed at the hospital with me the whole week and she stayed with me at home for the first week. Helped me get up out of the bed and gave me the daily shots that I had to have in the belly. Oh how I hated those. She went to every chemo treatment and goes to every follow up appointment with the drs. I would not have made it without her. Continue being the good daughters that you are for your moms, it really does make a difference in the fight against cancer. Praying for your moms and for you. trish

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Sorry to hear about your mom. I know it is very rough when close family and/or friends are sick. My mom just had radiation, no chemo (maybe a chemo pill, but I am not sure) and she is still struggling with her red blood cell count. She doesn't use a computer or have an email address, but I do try to share stories with her that I find on this site. Good luck to you and you mom.

Sun song
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Stressed & JMoses,

My mom was diagnosed w/ Stage IV mixed mullerian endometrial cancer January 10th, she's had a rough road to recovery since she ended up having a tumor in her back that was impeding breathing.  A month later she's finally recovered fom a breathing standpoint as they shrunk that tumor with concentrated radiation and she is ready to be released from the hospital.  

She received a CT scan this Wednesday that showed more spots on her liver and we are not at the point of being faced with the decision on chemotherapy or enjoying the time she has left.   As your moms have gone through it, I'd love to get your take on if you felt the pain of chemo was worth the time it gave.

Thank you!

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Chemo wasn't that bad.  I would do it again if it becomes necessary.  The worst part was wrapping my mind around deliberately puttingpoison in my body.  Is her health good otherwise?

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I as well was diagnosed with MMMT Jan '09, stage 3C, total hysterectomy, found in 1 pelvic lymph node no where else, had 6 rounds chemo, 33 sessions external pelvic radiation. I was 52 years at the time and it knocked me down for approx 5 days after the chemo, but slowly I came back. We must watch and not overdo, or challenge our immune systems which fight and keep our blood numbers where they are safe.

Exactly what your mom is enduring with treatments is very normal with most of us. If she was very healthy, as I was, prior to the treatments, she'll endure it much easier. Keep the protein shakes and lots of water going and several small meals thru out the day. So important to keep us hydrated and with some food for energy.

If I can get thru the treatments at my age and was always healthy, I'm hoping your mom can as well. She must listen to her body and take breaks and rest...don't push.

Cancer is not a sentence, it's a word!!!!


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Thank you for your input. I am glad that you are doing well. My mom just came back from the oncologist today and her red blood cell count is low STILL and she is going for a doppler tomorrow to rule out blood clots (due to increased swelling in both legs). Did you have any of these issues? I continue to pray for an increase in energy and her well being.

Good luck to you and may you continue to stay healthy:)

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Is your mom on blood thinners? Chemo tends to cause blood clots, therefore, at beginning and thru the end of chemo sessions I was on blood thinner...had no problems.

We're all different and I was fortunate with no neuropathy nor water retention, but then again, I'm very active.

Our bodies are finely tuned and if one thing is off, it affects the whole body. Chemo is toxic and destroys good/bad cells, which brings us down. When we're down with no energy, listen the the body as it's telling us to slow down and lay low. Eventually your mom will have an increase in energy, so hang tight.

God has his way of keeping us strong....

Best to you my friend,

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Hi, Stressed

I am 66 and was diagnosed in July 2010 with UPSC. Very healthy and active before the UPSC and it is hard to not miss that energy. I have since had 2 rounds of 6 chemos carbo/taxol and 2 rounds of 25 radiations but as of Aug 2012 I have liver mets. Chemo/rad has taken me to my knees for sure. Effects are cumulative and with 2 rounds each in 2 years I have not really had time to recover - but today ONC/GYN says we will start chemo with Genzar/carboplatin and try to contain it. UPSC is a sneaky mean little bugger of a cancer and hard to deal with as there is not a whole lot of research because it is kind of rare.

So. I am mostly tired and not able to race around as before, have a little trouble that just started with fluid in left foot, neuropathy was minimal and in toes part of feet - BUT hanging in there and I know your mom can too. It is very difficult to accept the downgrade in energy. I was a house a'fire! Sounds like your mom is also. Constant treatment of mets make it feel like one is playing Wack-a-Mole or Hide and Seek!!

I will continue to war with it and hope your mom will too -- fingers crossed that whatever she is getting now will kill the beast--

give her a hug from me

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