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UPSC surviving so far

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I am new and not very versed in this kind of communication. However, I would like to have hear what other ladies with UPSC are doing about this nasty little invader.

I was diagnosed in July 2010 with UPSC Stage IIIC. Total HYS in fall 2010. Second lymph node surgery in Jan 2012.

So far two chemos and 2 radiation courses. Just finished the second round of Carboplatin/Taxol chemo in June 2012 and 24 more radiation treatments to address spread to more lymph nodes. Total = 54 radiation treatments and 2 chemo of six three weeks apart.

Well, CA125 started to rise from 30 to 60 almost immediately after chemo ended. Last week had a CT scan and it has spread to liver and CA125 is at 240 with 4, I think, "spots" about as big as half a postage stamp. Bummer. I go the my GYN/ONC 10/12/12 for what comes next. I have been told I am maxed out on radiation therapy.

Anyone out there with thoughts or similar stuff. Would appreciate any info.

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hi Goldamillie

I am also new and have learned a great deal from this site.
My impression from what you are reporting, is that your next step in treatment would be a DIFFERENT chemotherapy regimen.
Not a repeat of Taxol/Carboplatin

I myself am waiting for this, and have been "collecting" names of chemo drugs used in USPC before my appointment with the Medical Oncologist, so that I have some information about possible options
Here's what I have come up with.....mostly from this site:

DOXIL, AVASTIN, TOPOTECAN, GEMZAR, TAXOTERE(didnt like the sounds of this one, as permanent hair loss)

Just yesterday I was inspired by Artist49's year and a half (so far) remission from clinical trial at Sloan Kettering...
check out her story in response to my posting of chemotherapy for USPC

All the Best,

let us know what your Gyn/Onc recommends.....NOT more of the same, or time for a 2nd opinion!

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Hi, beila

ONC/GYN wants to try gemza/carboplatin IV two weeks on then two weeks off and another CT scan in 2 to 3 months. My main complaint is the fatigue. I am so very tired and have never never been one to sit around just waiting for...? I try to do stuff and am just too plain worn out. Probably because I finished my second chemo June 29 and then had 24 rad treatments that ended Sept 10. I am guessing I have not had time to recover from the chemo (it was my second - 1st was in spring of 2011 with 25 rad and 5 brac rad in summer 2011 - second surgery Jan 2012 for lymph node met - MORE chemo - MORE RAD). It seems the treatments will destroy me.

I don't know if I can do this. How much more fatigue can I tolerate? I drag around just trying to do laundry. I LIKE DOING LAUNDRY and ordinary stuff - I have no desire to do anything exciting - just a normal day - I can only lay around and read for so long before I want to DO something around the house and yard. Yes, I am boring, I guess, no wanting to see Paris or whatever.

Sorry, venting.

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