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Esperança ( a breeze of Hope)

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Along my journey of twelve years with prostate cancer I have been amazed with the so many researches in course at the labs of super scientists, particularly what has been found and done at genes level (I read hundreds of papers). In fact our problem starts exactly from there and an overexpression of some identified genes means the misfortune for some of us.

Pathologists try to identify the type of each cell in our diagnosis and such could identify the extent of our disease. It could differentiate between the ones that are more or may not be prune to metastases.

An overexpression of the Myelocytomatosis (MYC) oncogene in cancer cells, is associated with poor clinical outcomes, including increased rates of metastasis, recurrence, and mortality.
Disrupting this overexpression of MYC in cancerous cells could lead to our cure but it must not involve disruption in benign cells.

In studies done at Johns Hopkins, the pathologist Dr. De Marzo found that MYC also drives a nucleolar program of gene expression in prostate cancer particularly the overexpression of the key prostate cancer progression gene, EZH2.
Nucleolar stands for small RNA molecules that cause chemical modifications of ribosomal RNAs. Our “raison d'etre”.

A precise hit on MYC would be the target of a magic “Silver bullet” drug.

Professor Peter Rahl from Young lab says this;
"So what we think now is that potentially, if drugs can tune down the levels of transcription just slightly, this might be catastrophic for the MYC-addicted cancer cells, you wouldn't need to abolish all transcription because that would be toxic to your other cells”.

Here are two links of articles on the subject that my comrades may like to follow;

A breeze of Hope to everyone.


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Hello VGama
Thought I WOULD SHARE sOME NEW NEWS THAT WAS IN OUR LOCAL mORNING cALL this morning. HEADLINE WAS (IS VIRUS key to breast cancer cure). ALTHOUGH The article was about breast cancer I thought it woul also apply to CAncer in general. THere is a Doctor CRAIG MEyers a researcher at Penn STate Hershey MEdical CEnter that some in the press consider his findings a :breakthrough & potential miracle regarding cancer. It's a long road from the lab to a cure. Doctor Meyers is struggling to keep his work funded stating he has applied everywhere for funding. Dr. Meyers was inserting the adeno associated virus tpe 2 or AAV2 into cancer cells in a petri dish ---7 days later the cancer cells were dead (all of them) THE test was tried over & over several times. Each time the results were the same---Just as important , the Healthy tissue was UNAFFECTED. Dr. MEYERS moved from testing in a petri dish to mice.He injected mice with Human aggressive triplr negative cancer tumors. THE mice receiving the injection were perfectly healthy while the one that didn't get the shot were too sick to even eat.
NORMAL cells are programmed to kill themselves in a process called apoptosis but cancer cells seem to loose that programming. AAV2 seems to awaken that process in cancer cells. His team is still trying to understand why the virus sends a cancer cell into a death spiral. MEyers said -if it proves out that it can kill triple negative cancers, then it is a startling important idea" HE stated he needs $500,000 a year for two to four years to get to human testing. THE lack of funding is "frustating & embarrasing. Dr. MEyers is planning to publish his mice research findings & will make a presentation at the 17th World Congress on ADVANCES in ONCOLOGY in GREECE this week. He hopes the attention in the scientific community will break the funding log jam. Regardless Dr. MEyers said he will soldier on.
THIS article was on the FRont page of the ALLENTOWN, PA.MORNING CALL NEWPAPER-- OCTOBER 7,2012

Hopefully this research will help the many people affected by CANCER in whatever avenue---
THought I would Share this info & give ANOTHER BREEZE OF HOPE

RAD Hopeful

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This is the name of my street. Of course in english it is simply Hope St. Hopefully it is a positive sign. Can't hurt.

Good luck,


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