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reviving an old mantra

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During the 1980s I used to work in New York during the AIDS epidemic.
There was a sort of Mantra: "Stay Alive for the Cure" which meant, if you have HIV, try to have a healthy lifestyle, get any infections treated, try to still be alive in a couple of years, because by then there will be a cure.
Well you know what? Against all odds...they were right!!!

Not exactly a cure, but medications came along which made it a chronic managable condition, like Diabetes.

I think we should take the same attitude, outlook and mantra!
What do you ladies think?


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Hello, Beila

I think this is a great idea. Trying my best to make the right decisions with "chemo brain". Wow, what a difference in my ability to process information and focus.

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I did AIDS support work in the early 1990s, and no one who wasn't around during that period can really appreciate how terrible the condition was in those years. (Hats off to you if you were treating HIV+ folks back in the day.) And yet, now, it's treatable in ways impossible to imagine 30 years ago.
It's not at all clear that I can truly be rid of this cancer, although there's no evidence of its presence right now. But I am absolutely committed to continuing to look for new remedies if/when the ones I'm using now start to fail. Absolutely.
Good luck to you, Beila, and to all of us who now understand "One Day at a Time" with a new set of implications.

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I met one of my best friends back in the early 80's that was gay. He is still to this day always there for me and helped raise my daughter. He was her father figure since her biologial father was absent most of the time. Richard picked her up every year to put the angel on the christmas tree, took her out to dinner, took her to dinner when she graduated at a fancy restarant, was at her graduation. He will dance the father daughter dance at her wedding in January 2013. He has been on the meds for HIV since the late 80's and is still here. We always joked back then that he had to stick around so we could have rocking chairs on the porch when we get old. When I was dx with carsinoma sarcoma uterine cancer last year, he reminded me of that. I told him that he had a "cure" for his but my cancer did not. He said it did not matter because I could still fight it. I just smiled because I know that it is a one day at a time with cancer. trish

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With new treatments being discovered, we just need to stay alive long enough to enjoy/benefit from them!!

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