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Oh, what a nigh!?!

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What did I do wrong to deserve tonight? Strange situations here. Right now, hubby is blowing a gasket because he wasn't paying attention to the wood stove - he just started a fire, and it backed up. The house is filling up with smoke. Instead of warm and toasty, I'm opening windows.

Secondly, I have a houseguest. A good guy. However, he spent a few days visiting old friends (his, not mine) and he has bites all over his arms. I am hysterical about bedbugs and, according to google, that's what they look like. Trying not to make him feel like a pariah, I have washed his clothes, asked him to shower, stuffed towels under the closet and next bedroom doors. I've bagged his bags, including cameras and equipment, also stripped the other bed in the room. When he leaves, I will steam everything.

Sitting here in disbelief, ya know? Hubby has not been feeling well for weeks, allergies maybe, and you know how a sick man ca be...


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...for your husband to set THE BUGS on fire, instead of trying to set your house on fire.

And while he's doing that, you should have some brownies (see my recent post on said subject), because you've certainly earned them! I'd make you a pan right now and bring it on over, if I could!

Big hug to you,


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I'm ready for wine, then maybe brownies! We haven't seen any bugs, he just has bites that look like the pictures of bedbug bites. Still, ugh!!


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I don't know if you know how to tell if there are bugs in the bed so I am letting you know. The first thing to look for is tiny blood spots on the sheets. You should also look at the seams along the edges of the bed as that is where they hide. If you do find any call an exterminator.
As for the wood stove, tell your hubby to open the damper before he lights it! Hope tomorrow is a better day.


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I wouldn't need just a glass of wine, but, a bottle after reading this. You poor thing. I feel so sorry for you. Hoping all is better by now.

Hugs, Noel

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I always have had seasons of dust mites and fleas even though all of my dogs and cat are on flea preventatives. I found immediate relief with the dust mites by buying a mattress, and box spring cover that has the zippers covered (National Allergy)I also got the pillow covers at the same time. No dust mites this year. The covers were advertised for bed bug prevention too.

I've also found Pronto Plus (bought it at drugstore.com) works for the flea issues as the dogs are getting close to the time they need another flea drop. The can says it kills bedbugs too. I don't use it liberally at all, just spray it on the dust mop as I clean to pick up the fur and also on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. I also spray the rug coming into the house real good. But if I were worried about bed bugs that whole can would be used up and the windows opened!!! I am terrified of getting them.

Good luck!

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I don't know where you live, but if he was outside, it could have been mosquitoes?

Did you ask him where he thought the bug bites came from?
And I am so sorry about your house filling with smoke...
How is your house doing? I am hoping you are bed bug free...

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Now, houseguest horrified and apologetic. He left this morning. I feel terrible, but to take all precautions, I am flea bombing, steam cleaning and off to Walmart for zippered mattress and box spring bags. Since, I don't think -and really hope- that he didn't bring any bugs back, that he was bitten elsewhere, I think we'll be okay.

Just one more thing, you know? And, I reallly am phobic about bb's. You should see my routine when we stay away from home!


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