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Lymph Node Question - Ultrasound today

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Hi All
I had an ultrasound today - 9 months after the one that found 2 "masses".

As background - I had stage 1 grade 2 uterine cancer in Oct 2010. Had a complete hysterectomy and have had spotting for the past year off and on. The cancer clinic did an ultrasound and found nothing so I went to my family DR and had him order one at our local clinic. They found 2 masses on the vaginal cuff.
He sent me back to the cancer clinic - they did a colposcopy - and said everything was fine.
The technician today asked me if I had the MRI that she had suggested in January - and I told her no - they did a colposcopy. She said that wouldnt have shown anything because the masses were on the outside of the cuff (on the belly side vs the vagina).
So today she looked and said they have not grown - which is good. She said she thinks it is lymph nodes. When I asked her more questions she said she wasnt allowed to comment but the DR report would be available in a week and I could follow up with him.
Question for you -- would that mean enlarged lymph nodes and is that bad?

I know y'all aren't doctors and I dont expect you to give medical commentaries - but what are your experiences?

Thanks for listening


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