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Had to share this...

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Randy and I went away on vacation recently. The two young girls next door took care of our cat while we were gone. I gave them each some $$ for doing so.

I saw them today and they thanked me for the money. They said they already knew what they were doing with it but didn't say what it was. A few minutes later, I asked them how they were going to spend it. They said they were donating it to the American Cancer Society.

Wow. As you can imagine, I teared up immediately.

Just another reminder that Randy and I have plenty for which to be thankful...

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Hey there !
Thanks for posting this ! It brought a smile to my face. Hoping your vacation was relaxing ! Katie

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Nice kids....


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Reminded me of opening fortune cookies with my 5 yr old and 7 yr old great nieces. The 7 year old's fortune said what she had been wishing for would come true by the end of the year. I asked if her wish was to be a rock star, no, was it to marry Justin Bieber, no, turns out, it was for me to be well. Touched my heart like your story did :-)

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That is wonderful, I got tears in my eyes just reading it.

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I teared up reading the story. Let's keep posting to keep this story on top for awhile.

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yes we sometimes just dont see how much folks care for us. I rarely look at Facebook but did a few days ago and saw Diane and my 2 daughters had posted a request for prayers prior to my CT appt the next day and then another post that the CT scans showed no cancer. I was brought to tears from the way they wrote there request and how esstatic they were after we got the good news. Then all the folks that said they were praying for me, WOW, I guess I knew prayers were out there but so many just touched my heart. So I get how it feels to have someone surprise us with such sweet and caring comments or actions.

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Pam M
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To know that people you've never seen really DO care. And must feel magical to see your loved ones' posts here, I'm sure. Lucky you. Well, in the case of your kids, I'd say more than luck's at play.

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Pam M
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And they say the younger generation is hopelessly selfish.

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Too sweet

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With so many kids and people into their own needs anymore, it's nice to see that some do still care about others.


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Tonsil Dad
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Shudda bought drugs......lol

just kidding, what a nice thing to do. More people in the world
should take after kids.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Nice to hear that ...

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this is amazing, sure can tell they have a wonderful family upbringing


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