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Getting dressed up!

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Soooo, I'm getting ready for a big wedding this afternoon and it is my first dressy occasion since my double mastectomy. (6 months ago) One year prior I had a colostomy bag (still do) as part of my treatment for anal cancer. I will be seeing a lot of people who I have not seen since before my new body! I know the day is about the bride, but I also know that people who know what I've been through can not help but look at me. I don't want that to sound vain, but I am feeling really anxious. I have barely had anything to eat since lunch yesterday in an attempt to limit output via colostomy, that I am used to, but still need to wear a dress that fits loosly. I never had reconstruction on my breasts and am small framed anyhow so usually ok with just a lightly padded bra, but today just feel nervous!!! At least my nails are real, and look amazing! Wish me luck!

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Megan M
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I bet you look amazing! I am wishing you luck and you go and have a wonderful time! I understand your feeling anxious, but, once you get there, I have a feeling you're going to have a lot of fun.

Look at all you've gone thru with cancer. Going to a wedding should be easy after that, right?

Have fun,


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is pretty normal. Your real friends will rejoice in the fact that you're there, living life and are the strong, powerful woman that you are. Go and have a wonderful time.

Hugs, Renee

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Lots of luck and wishing you a wonderful day at the wedding!

Hugs, Noel

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How did the wedding go? Did you have fun? And, I am with the others, in that I bet you looked marvelous!

Sue :)

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How did you make out?


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