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6 month post treatment Onc. visit

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I saw my oncol. for my 6th month post-treatment visit and everything is clear! As he said, there's no lumps or bumps! I have scar tissue from the radiation in my underarm and lateral side of my breast that should ease with time and massage. I have tried on scaling back on the Gabapentin that I'm taking for the neuropathy and just about all the symptoms have come back. I told him and he said to scale right back up and it takes a while...to heal, if ever. Oh well! I'm to see him in 4 months now. I'm moving in the right direction!

This Sunday, with my husband, son and daughter-in-law, I am walking in the 5K race for breast cancer in our community called "Especially for You". All proceeds go to pay for mammos and treatment for people who can't afford the costs. Last year over 16,000 people participated. I was there, sick as a dog, while I was still in the midst of taking AC. We walked the 1K part and I almost didn't make that. It was awe inspiring to see the mass of people. I didn't feel like a survivor then but this year I'm heading to the survivor tent to proudly get my survivor scarf and part of the survivor picture! It's a wonderful feeling!

Hugs to all!

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Karen I am so happy for you that is wonderful new which I am sure gives you such peace of mind.
Also I think it's wonderful that you are doing the walk this weekend wear your survivor scarf proudly you earn it!
Hugs Christine

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Congrats on your good news! Have fun today and thanks for walking for us!

Hugs, Kylez

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Thank you all! I did the 5K - it was great to wear the survivor scarf! Just under 16,000 people walked/raced the course. It was awe inspiring to see the generosity! Almost 600 women were in the survivor photo! Wow!

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WTG Karen! And, congrats on your good news from your doctor's visit!

Sue :)

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Congrats Karen and hugs to you too!

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Karen, such a happy story. Thanks for sharing!!
Keep on healing,

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Did you post the photo? I'd love to see it!

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