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Had a Zometa infusion yesterday

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I was planning a wonderful relaxing kayak trip down the Chattahoochee River yesterday. The oncologist's office called as we were getting ready to go. After covering myself with suntan lotion and bug spray, I had to shorten the trip and had to hoof it to the oncologist's office yesterday afternoon to get an infusion of Zometa. Seems my calcium level hit 12.0 and that means no monkeying around. So I was well hydrated and decalcified all in one 1 1/2 hour drip late in the afternoon. I had no side effects and I'm going back on Wednesday for another lab workup to see if it lowered my calcium.

What is your experience with this? Does it work quickly?

BTW. I called Nashville and made sure this wouldn't disqualify me from the trial.

Hugs to all!
xo Paula

PS I did get in about an hour and a half of bliss. A gorgeous day!!!!!

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Hey Paula, I've had 2 zometa infusions with the last one on weds. Can't say I noticed anything. My calcium is on target at 9.7 but I am getting it due to the bone radiation. I'm thinking of you every day. Can't wait for good news from Nashvile!
Fox loves you!

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I feel all right today. Not sleeping too well due to bad sweats at night...ugh! Finally got out of bed at 6 this morning and went right into the shower. It's not hot sweats; it's more like cold sweats. Lovely.

I was reminded by my son's friend/gastro oncologist that when I checked into Duke my calcium was high also. And I was having bad sweats then too. After surgery, miraculously the sweats stopped altogether. Hoping a few infusions of the latest and greatest will have the same effect.

Still waiting for Nashville to hear from the drug companies on whether or not I am a candidate. You know the drill. You'll be the first to know!

XOXO Paula

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Happy to read that you are doing well

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Just think of the various treatments, discomfort, and inconvenience as the price for getting closer to the trial. Keeping fingers crossed and prayers fresh. Stay positive!!!!

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Hi Paula,

Ditto on what Alice said, everything that gets you closer to and prepared for the trial is a good thing. Just keep focused on the hour and a half of bliss, it won't be long now.

Hang in there,


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Some aches and pains. A little fever last night, but overall, not too bad. Going for bloodwork on Wednesday to check calcium levels and kidney function. Hoping for a call this week or next from Nashville. Hanging in there! Your support is an amazing boost.

XO Paula

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The support for you will continue all the way through and beyond - depend on it.

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