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Hubby Seems Extra Tired :(

So Worried
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Hi All,

My hubby had lap surgery, 14" of the colon out in July. Stage 2b - Not doing chemo. His 1st PET scan a few weeks after surgery showed no cancer. He's eating good and pretty much healed it seems. But I have noticed that he seems more tired. He is working full time, but for example today... he slept 8 hours last night - took a nap for 2 hours today - was up for 5 hours and went back to bed at 9pm. When he works, he comes home and eats and is usually in bed by 8pm...he says "i'm sooo tired" That just seems like a lot of sleep.
I understand that surgery can take a lot out of a person...but I am getting kind of worried. His PET scan was in early August, so it's been 2 months. I hope nothing is brewing up :( Maybe he is just not all the way back to normal yet? Maybe I am expecting him to be "normal" too soon? What would you guys suggest? Eating more protein? Or?
Thank you so much!

PS...btw, he is NOT planning to go to the Dr. Men!!

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Has this tireness come on suddenly or can it be attributed to getting back to work?

Even with lap surgery, it is still a big deal. Is it possible he tried to get back to normal routine too soon?

The body knows what it needs. If he is eating well and actually sleeping well then don't worry just yet, particularly since scan two months ago was good.

Just make sure he gets a good diet. I know I found after surgery that carbs made me sleepy.

Hope this is just a temporary thing and all will smooth out in a little while.

Marie who loves kitties

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If he doesn't want to go to the doctor, perhaps he'd be willing to just get his blood checked? If he is anemic, that can make you feel very tired. Hope he starts to feel better soon~Ann Alexandria

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he's just tired? Surgery, not to mention cancer, can make one lose a few steps. It's GREAT that he's back to work but it has only been 3-4 months since your husband got HIS "new normal". Everyone's different as far as recovery time and pretty much as far as everything else goes too.

I'm by no means saying "fugetaboutit". One should always watch their health as most of us found out too late, and we all need to be more on top of things since we've had our diagnosis.

My suggestion is to let him rest but also that he needs to monitor himself and get his followup checkups.

So Worried
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Thank you so much Phil, Anne and Marie. I guess I just worry too much. I'm sure the stress of everything that has happened makes him tired too. I'll check to see when his bloodwork will be and maybe if it is not for awhile, we can get it done sooner, just to be sure he's not anemic. Hoping everyone is having a good weekend!

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I had a D and C last December. It was outpatient. It took me a good month with lots of bcomplex and vitamin c before I was back to normal.I had to make sure I ate iron rich foods. I felt drained! I am mot advising you to go buy lots of vitamins, but my point is even outpatient surguery messed me up for a good while.

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