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Thank you, Hershey Girls!

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I was so surprised to receive such a lovely card from all the "Hershey Girls" today. So wonderful that they could take time out from their fun weekend to think of me and all sign a card for me. I am truly honored and amazed at the love and kindness shown to me.

Hugs and love, Renee

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Great ladies! I' m glad they had such a great time.


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Jean 0609
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Renee, we just wanted you to know that we were thinking about you.

Sue, we missed you and were sad you couldn't join us. Wanted you to know that you were there with us in spirit.


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and got a beautiful card also! Thank all of you for being so thoughtful! It means so much that you took the time and were thinking of all of us!

Thank you to all of our beautiful "Sisters in Pink".


New Flower
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your presence made my day

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